Alignment of channel program goals with overall business objectives

Like a good spring cleaning, an economic downturn presents an excellent opportunity to thoroughly reassess and, if necessary, reorganize existing channel programs. But be careful! Unlike sorting items in your basement or garage and placing them in junk or “guardian” heaps, judgment decisions regarding channel programs and partnerships are more complex than the question “Should I stay or should I […]

40th birthday party – Ideas, themes and supplies to celebrate your party in style

40th birthday party: A person’s 40th birthday is a time to look back…and look forward to an exciting new chapter! Celebrate someone’s 40th birthday in style! With the right planning, decorations, and activities, you can throw a 40th birthday party that your honoree will remember for the next 40 years. Ideas: Greet your birthday guests with everything that celebrates “40”. […]

Go on a pet-friendly rental boating adventure

If you’re going on vacation, the biggest challenge you’ll face is finding someone who’s willing to feed and care for your pet while you’re away. Therefore, it may be a good idea to tag your pet on your next trip. There are a number of pet-friendly yacht charter companies that allow you to bring your pets along. But if you […]

Hobbies you can turn into a home business

If you have a hobby and a lot of free time, then it’s the perfect combination to turn your hobby into a profession. If you can find ways to earn extra income, it’s always helpful. Hobby is something that everyone loves to do. Be it painting, artwork, creating something or writing. If you can earn some money then you have […]

Clubhead Acceleration: Longitudinal Acceleration or Radial Acceleration?

Clubhead acceleration, the seventh of ten distinctions between the two perfect golf swings. The two perfect golf swings are The Centrifugal Force Swing (swing swing) and The Muscular Force Swing (swing swing). The seventh distinction is the ACCELERATION CLUBHEAD. In The Swinging Swing, acceleration of the clubhead is achieved by pulling down on the grip end of the golf club. […]