Info 101 – Common Core State Standards and the Race to the Top

After taking more than a year to develop and build on a foundation of previously established college and career readiness standards, the Common Core State Standards have now been published. You should know that… • The Standards were developed by the Council of Chief State School Officials and the National Governors Association, along with input from numerous teachers, parents, school […]

Where to Get Nursing CEUS Cheap

Get Nursing CEUS Cheap If you are looking for places to get nursing CEUs, there are many options available online. However, it is important to understand that some states require certain concentrations in order to receive CEUs. To be on the safe side, consider taking a course that is free of charge and will help you fulfill state requirements. A […]

Pareto distribution, contagion and book sales

The Pareto probability distribution describes book sales along with a wide variety of observable phenomena. Ask any librarian: a small number of books account for the majority of items in circulation, while the vast majority of volumes remain on the shelves. So while the latest Grisham or King may be reviewed, you’re bound to find a Steven Vincent Benet or […]

Advantages of the bathtub finish

The advantages of the bathtub finish are many. The advantages of repainting as a green remodeling alternative to replacement are well known. It’s also the most cost-effective way to deal with tubs, showers, countertops, ceramic tile, and sinks that are worn, dull, or difficult to clean. Renovating your bathtubs instead of replacing them keeps them looking like new at a […]

Benefits of using an online florist to send flowers

Benefits of Using an Online Florist for Online Flower Delivery The modern consumer is looking for fast, reliable and cost-effective service in all areas of their lives. That’s why more and more consumers are turning to online retailers for just about anything, from fast food and furniture purchases to holiday gifts and grocery shopping. So if you haven’t considered an […]

Is omega 3 beef a healthy choice or is omega 3 beef just another red meat?

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to the human diet. They support better health, brain function and retinal health. In particular, Omega 3 supplements or food sources that have high amounts of DHA-docoahexaenoic acid support and alleviate certain health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration. EPA eicosapentoic acid helps reduce inflammatory diseases and injuries. ALA-alpha-linolenic acid also plays […]