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Allergy to semen

A lady brought her four year old daughter to see me for recurring ear infections. The daughter received several rounds of antibiotics, but the ear infections came back again and again. Through careful allergy testing, I was able to determine that the girl was lactose intolerant. Allergy testing revealed that dairy products were triggering the condition. Within four weeks, these milk allergy-related infections resolved.

Inspired by the prompt resolution of her daughter’s problem, the mother decided to discuss a more personal problem. He said he suffered from chronic vaginal infection spikes and wondered if dairy products were somehow triggering his situation. I informed the mom that there are several possibilities for repeat vaginal infections:

1 – candida (yeast)

2 – bacteria (bacterial vaginosis)

3 – trichomonas (parasite)

4 – HPV (human papillomavirus)

5 – sensitivity of the synthetic buffer

6 – allergy to latex condom

7 – flora imbalance due to contraceptive pills

It was determined by muscle / kinesiology tests that the mother had an allergy to semen. Semen is known to cause itching, burning, and discomfort. Fortunately, through comprehensive allergy care (NAET technique), it was relatively easy to cure this allergy. The mother’s symptoms completely disappeared in three sessions. Best of all, her husband never faced the accusation of causing his wife’s discomfort.

Semen allergies are not common, but they do happen. Medications for the condition are available for temporary relief, but they often trigger new symptoms and side effects. Holistic treatments are safe and effective in permanently eliminating allergies and irritations.

Sometimes symptoms caused by sexual intercourse can be due to a sensitivity to latex. Latex allergies or sensitivity are more common than we think.

Sometimes an allergic reaction can be due to an emotional reaction. In women’s muscle testing, if I ask them to think of sperm, their arm may weaken, indicating an underlying sensation that it is stuck. Through a systematic procedure called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) it is possible to find the source of the trigger. It is important to look for biochemical allergies and emotional triggers.

There may also be a hidden infection or yeast imbalance. We all have yeast in our body, but taking antibiotics can cause an imbalance in our normal yeast. Also, taking antibiotics can lead to an imbalance of bacteria. We all have billions of bacteria in our system, but an imbalance caused by antibiotics that solved a problem can cause just another symptom. Taking probiotics after a bacterial infection not only restores the bacterial balance in our system, it also restores the balance of the yeast.

Current medical research is increasingly exploring the microbiome which has dramatic implications for our health and well-being. Children with brain problems, such as autism, respond well to a concerted effort to balance our microbiome. Research could find that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented by ensuring a balanced microbiome. It is important to take a holistic perspective when addressing our symptoms.

A smart approach to your optimal wellness is to use traditional healthcare and alternative health therapies. Many physicians realize this and have now incorporated “functional medicine” into their approach to helping patients. The point of view of functional medicine is to anticipate the underlying causes of the disease, rather than simply administering medications to control symptoms. Toxins, diet, allergies, hidden infections, and nutritional deficiencies are taken into account. Modern medicine focuses on providing quick relief and a miracle solution for illnesses. My experience has been that each individual is a complex being that requires immense research, rather than a slam dunk or cookbook approach. Even though we live in a fast food-minded society, nature is much slower, most of the time.

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