Alternative Funding Sources for Uganda: Mara Launch Fund

One of Uganda’s alternative sources of funding is the Mara Launch fund. For many Ugandans, particularly those who start the business with just one concept, this is a good place to start.

Basic information

Objective: Start-ups and early stage companies

Sector focus: All

Amounts provided: UGX 5,000,000- UGX 10,000,000

Type of financing: Risk capital

It means that, instead of granting a loan, the fund takes a% of the shares of the company.

Key criteria

  • The pattern can be replicated throughout Africa;
  • Profitable business within 3-5 years (fund exit period);
  • Strong handling

More information

search online for “Mara Launch Fund”

Phone: +256 (0) 414233700/800

Who is behind the bottom?

  • Ashish J. Thakkar; CEO of Mara Group;
  • Alex Rezida, Partner at Nangwala, Advocates for Rezida & Co .; Y
  • Peter Mukiza, Ugandan Managing Partner of Quantum Capital.

How is the proccess?

1. Submit the business plan.The plan should include information consistent with the fund’s key criteria.

2. Introductory meeting. If the fund likes the plan, the investor will meet with the fund team.

3. Due diligence.This means that the fund “verifies” the information presented in the plan.

4. Term sheet. Document detailing the basic terms and conditions.

My opinion / advice to be successful in accessing funds for your business

1. Equipment:Venture capital funds like Mara know that a great team will develop and implement the idea successfully. If you don’t have in-house capacity, ask a professional to join you so your plan includes a strong team.

2. Executive summary. Investors are busy people and therefore your summary, usually one page, should have one goal in mind: “Make them eager to turn the pages.” To do this, make sure your executive summary captures the key aspects of the document, including equipment, required quantity, process, activities to date, and other information that provides a “snapshot” of your concept.

3. Repeatable model. The fund seeks good business ideas that transform Africa. Can the business model be repeatable not only in Uganda but perhaps in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania?

4. Understand the fund and the people behind it. A critical part of a successful business relationship is whether the two parties “connect.” Investors are people and they usually invest if they like the person behind them.

In July, I met Nigel Ball, a director of an affiliated entity. He is a very friendly and frank professional. Therefore, I can hope that the rest of the team is of this nature.

Otherwise, good luck.


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