Lies – Book Review

Sediment By Wells Earl Draughon ISBN-10: 0595288332 Review by Heather Froeschl Linda can’t go on with her life as normal. She can’t give up as she looks like she’s done by the police. Her daughter’s room is exactly as she left it, with her clothes on the floor and her favorite stuffed animal on the bed in a mess. Only […]

Cain, the Antediluvian Giants, and the Adamite God: The Rise of the Cainites

The words “giant” and “giants” appear twenty-one times in the Bible and are used in three specific connotations. The first is rare and appears in Job 13:14: gibbor, or “a mighty warrior, a champion; chief, mighty man, strong man, giant.” The meaning is also extended to include “tyrant”. Its adjective form is merriment“brave”. The next word is the most used. […]

Compare phone cards: keep in touch with your loved ones the smart way!

Phone calling cards have been around for some time and are becoming increasingly popular due to the advantages over conventional payment methods: they are cheap, certain spending limits can be more easily set and controlled, and calling cards are obtained easily. The cards are available at kiosks, stores and service stations and vary in price, with hundreds of attractive offers […]

Are license plates really necessary?

Gone are the days when dedicated teachers taught in the classroom and that was enough for students to prepare for their exams. If a child had doubts, the teacher spent more time clarifying those doubts at school or at home. My husband often talks about his teacher. The teacher recognized my husband as an extra smart kid when he was […]

Divine by Karen Kingsbury

Divine, inspiring and humbling. I just finished reading Karen Kingsbury’s Divine (Tyndale Fiction, 2006). It was a fantastic read. A page turner from the start. It follows the lives of two young women, really, and reveals the life of one incredible woman, Mary Madison, through the circumstances of the second. A modern parallel to Mary Magdalene of Biblical times, Mary […]

Fun on rainy days for the whole family

Nothing can dampen the spirits like a rainy day. Children aren’t the only ones who get cranky when they’re locked up. So, to stop that rainy day gridlock before it happens, take a look at these 9 great rainy day ideas. 1. Get out the board games. In an era where X-Box and PlayStation rule, the joy of playing board […]