Poker and the stock market

I was out of town this weekend in southern NJ, Atlantic City to be exact. After finishing my business at the convention center, I traveled back to the newest casino, the Borgata, where I stayed for the night. I don’t consider myself a gambler and I have never liked losing money at the tables. When I bet, my favorite games […]

Why are there no fat vampires?

Have you ever wondered why you never see fat vampires in the movies? Aside from all the teenage vampire love stories and exotic Hollywood vampires with European accents, I haven’t seen any overweight vampires yet. (OK, maybe that really big one in the first Blade movie with Wesley Snipes.) Even the really crazy ugly ones are often gaunt, stringy, or […]

Do you want to know more about someone’s past? – Here’s how to run a personal background search

Finding information about someone’s past is something most people have considered doing at some point. You may want more details about someone you just started a relationship with, or maybe you are going to hire someone you need to control. Fortunately, this is now easy to do with a background search on the Internet. Without the Internet, finding out background […]

Naming Your Baby: 5 Helpful Tips To Personalize Your Baby Naming Ceremony

Baby naming ceremonies, in one form or another, have a history practically as old as man. What’s new are the original ideas that new parents come up with for the traditional baby naming ceremony. Naming ceremonies are fulfilling and meaningful experiences in naming and welcoming a new baby. Some religious baby naming ceremonies offer a bit of flexibility. But many […]