FWD vs. RWD. Which is better?

With more and more vehicles switching to rear-wheel drive, is it better than front-wheel drive? Wheel drive? We’ll see. Front-wheel drive Since the 1920s, front-wheel drive has not caught on with American consumers. until the gas crisis in the 1970s. As Americans struggled with high fuel prices, Automakers began looking for new ways to increase fuel efficiency. The best way […]

8 smart digital devices to have in 2018

Once upon a time, being in your car used to be a lonely act. Today, there are literally thousands of built-in devices that you can use to not only make your driving easier, but also to enjoy it more. Whether you’re looking to stay connected, improve your visibility, or run on-board diagnostics, there are tons of nifty gadgets at your […]

How to fix automatic transmission that stays in low gear

In a car with a standard or manual transmission, the driver must manually shift into first gear and then once the car starts rolling, the driver must manually shift to second, then third, and so on as it increases. the speed of the car. Meanwhile, an automatic transmission allows the car to change gear ratios automatically to shift from first, […]

What’s so amazing about graphene? The new supermaterial

The strongest material in the world: 200 times stronger than steel! However flexible Conducts electricity better than copper Graphene compares in importance to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. We will call graphene the age of graphene. Graphene is an allotrope (form) of carbon that consists of a single layer of carbon atoms. They form a […]

Jeep’s goal covers everyone’s market

Jeep has established itself in the field of off-road vehicle performance. But now it seeks to appeal to a broader market to cover young enthusiasts. He is determined to capture the needs of both young and old using the charisma of the new Wrangler. However, by expanding the automaker’s target market, some Jeep purists are expressing their disagreement. They think […]

Why Woodworking Startups Do Well in a Recession

As unlikely as it may sound, starting a business during a recession is a good idea. Most of the people who have started their woodworking business during tough economic times have done so because it was necessary. The most common reason for them has been the loss of their job combined with the need to maintain a stable income. Surprisingly, […]