Retire with a portfolio of Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

The vast majority of employees today have to save and plan for their own retirement. They face huge challenges: inflation, low interest rates, an extremely volatile and unpredictable stock market, and job insecurity. It was not always that difficult. Decades ago, many more employees worked for companies that offered defined benefit pension plans promising their employees a basic inflation-adjusted retirement […]

Recovery of rental property depreciation

Recovery of rental property depreciation refers to a provision for capital gains taxes due to depreciation commonly faced by real estate investors selling their rental rental properties. In essence, depreciation recovery is the way in which the Internal Revenue Service can “recover” taxes on all or part of the gain on the disposal of the asset as ordinary income, rather […]

The Genesis of Computer Art-FORTRAN (Backus) a Computer Art Medium Creates a Mosaic Mona Lisa

Where did computer art, computer graphics, and computer animation begin? Written communication became shareable and ubiquitous once stone engravings were replaced by the mobility of paper and ink. Similarly, once computer languages ‚Äč‚Äčadvanced from machine or assembly code to third-generation computer languages, only then did computer output advance from simple alphanumeric prints (perhaps mosaic) to graphics and images with smooth […]

Alternative Funding Sources for Uganda: Mara Launch Fund

One of Uganda’s alternative sources of funding is the Mara Launch fund. For many Ugandans, particularly those who start the business with just one concept, this is a good place to start. Basic information Objective: Start-ups and early stage companies Sector focus: All Amounts provided: UGX 5,000,000- UGX 10,000,000 Type of financing: Risk capital It means that, instead of granting […]

Is the balance sheet more important than the income statement?

Before answering this question, I’ll walk you through common perceptions of the income statement vs. the balance sheet, as well as recent developments in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The income statement provides a summary of the income and expenses of an organization during a particular period. Historically, this was the first report the financial statement user looked at (if […]

Powers of attorney do not prevent guardianship

A general durable power of attorney (GDPOA) is often suggested as a means of avoiding guardianship or “living legalization.” Although such a document is an important tool in a comprehensive estate plan, the GDPOA alone, or in conjunction with just a last will and testament, may not provide the protection that the manufacturer seeks. A GDPOA is a legal document […]