Full of "Burns": Our lovely brainwashing society

What are the “Brules”? Brules = BS rules Today, there are many different types of “brules” that society has used to brainwash us. Some common “burns” include: University degree required After earning a degree, you have to go out and find a high paying job or else you’re screwed. Time is money (What ?! This is also a joke? I […]

How to Incorporate in the USA

This article takes you through the different milestones of the onboarding process. You will learn what information is needed to start the process, what terms to familiarize yourself with, what type of entity to choose, where to incorporate, how to open your corporate bank account, and how to plan your taxes. STATUS OF INCORPORATION The best advice may be to […]

Dollhouse Kit – Have you ever heard of it?

Have you heard of the attacks on dollhouse kits? Even if you haven’t, chances are you have if you’ve ever tried making dollhouses out of a kit. The kit bump means modifying a dollhouse kit, perhaps adding a different porch, or an additional room, or even using the parts of two different kits to build a dollhouse mansion. Basically, bashing […]

Social media: a powerful tool for hiring

Social media recruiting is one of the most discussed topics and it is proving to be one of the best ways to recruit top talent for any organization. Making connections comes naturally, but now social media is used as a tool for making connections. LinkedIn is becoming a great platform, but now it is completely on a recruiting base with […]

The pros and cons of eBay

As effective as eBay is, it has its pros and cons. In today’s world, people find e-commerce extremely useful. With busy schedules and tons of work to be done in less than 24 hours, almost everyone prefers to shop online. Hence, eBay is extremely popular with the masses. The simple fact that one can buy things without moving a muscle […]

What do you want from a loving relationship?

I have the privilege of meeting quite a few brilliant people. Through conversations with them, I am able to express some of my most complicated and important thoughts. Last month I was talking to Linda. She has a Ph.D. in Leadership and Organization and is an educator and life coach and executive. And he has enormous experience as a professional, […]

Don’t Fall For These 4 Nevada Incorporation Myths

Delaware has long been a popular state for US companies to incorporate for a variety of reasons. Recently, many have touted Nevada as the new Delaware, citing benefits such as better asset protection, tax savings, and increased privacy. Before you believe the hype, make sure you know the truth about incorporating in Nevada. Myth 1: it’s harder to undo the […]

What is sanctuary for you?

Home, church, a place of protection, a Scottish hamlet, a Jewish castle, a snow cave, a basket of cereals, a hotel, a beekeeper’s farm, a mountain refuge, all have been sanctuaries of different characters, both fictional as real. Deborah, a leasing agent, said her sanctuary is her home. “Home is a place where you carry your faith, where you have […]