Night Crawler Fishing: Tips to Help You Catch More Fish

Since “fishing” became popular, live earthworms, and specifically nearby caterpillars, have been used to fish and for good reason. Almost any species of freshwater fish will easily bite a night tracker that has been impaled on a fishing hook. The biggest problem with using live worms like this as bait while fishing is that the bait is often “stolen” before […]

Care Bears History and Facts

The adorable Care Bears were first created by the American Greetings company in 1981. They were intended for use in greeting cards and became very popular with the public. Artist Elena Kucharik was the first to create the images of our beloved Care Bears and in 1983 they became a series of teddy bears popular with children. They were later […]

Fabulous! Venice’s Carnival

Around 1985, I saw a photo of Venice during Carnival (Carnevale), which included masked and costumed revelers, it has been in my “Top 10“list of visits since then. What I don’t like about this event: The beautiful city of Venice A great 10-day party in the streets. Fantastic costumes Italian food CarnivalCarnevale) is the annual event in Venice during the […]

5 myths about one night stands

At some point along the line, there were a lot of misconceptions about one night stands that were propitiated. Well, I’m going to clear all of that right now. If you really want to be able to understand how to take women the night you met them, you have to understand that the top five misconceptions listed below are totally […]

Furvert: Part 1 of a Dark Sex Fetish Investigation Series

Born out of the sci-fi and fantasy fan scene, the Furry fandom subculture is a thriving genre in the fetish world. We are not talking about ‘stuffed animals’ here, those that fetishize stuffed animals like teddy bears. Nor are we referring to Furries who enjoy a non-sexual devotion to cartoon animals from animated comics and television shows. Instead, we are […]

Alice in Wonderland (1951) Bluray Review

I think that Disney’s 1951 version of Alice in Wonderland is not only my favorite adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories, but probably my favorite cartoon from the “Golden Age” of animated feature color films of the world. study that began with Snow White in 1937; Although it could easily have been different for more than a decade before and […]

Name your podcast

One of the first things a potential new listener will see about your podcast is the name. Because this is really the “first touch” someone will have with your podcast (even before hearing your voice), the name becomes very important. Naming your podcast is probably 75% of the battle in launching your podcast. You can learn how to do the […]

Best places for a night visit in Jaipur

The nightlife of a city defines the people who inhabit it. The nights bring out the best of the lost places of Jaipur, as it happens with every other city in this world. The darkness of the hour makes this city that much more exciting to witness and explore! Delight in the beautiful lights and dance to the spectacle of […]