Pros and cons of wall-mounted toilets

The appearance and design of a bathroom is almost always the top priority when remodeling a bathroom. The main consideration is usually the decoration with tiles and matching accessories or vanity furniture. However, a clean, hygienic and well-designed toilet not only looks attractive, it also allows for optimal utilization of space. After the kitchen, the toilet and the bathroom are […]

Introduction to kitchen organization

In addition to a introduction to kitchen organizationI will provide tips and guidance on kitchen storage, which depends to some extent on the shape and layout of the kitchen. The four classic kitchen arrangements are the U-shape, the kitchen, the L-shape, and the island. The U shape has a work surface on three sides, the kitchen has a counter along […]

A Brief Review of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors are perhaps the most important part of a closet. It is the part of the cabinet that defines your taste and style. Choosing a closet door can be tricky. So in this article, we give you the basics about various door designs available in the market. There are four important things to consider when choosing a kitchen […]

Landscaping ideas in the front yard

Designing a front yard is generally about accessibility and inviting. We hardly spend time in the front yard compared to the back yard, but it is where we go in and out of our homes. For this reason, we can think a lot about the entrances and catwalks and then design everything else around that. Your front yard landscaping can […]

How to make money off the remains of a granite countertop

The average person probably won’t have granite countertop scraps lying around. However, those who are manufacturers, contractors, or homeowners who just did major kitchen renovations probably do. After doing a job in the kitchen, that leftover granite usually stays behind, collecting dust and taking up space. Homeowners probably have no idea what to do with this excess granite, and it […]

Rustic luxury interior design

Rustic Luxe decor is a style that is here, there, and everywhere. To describe this look would be where city chic and rustic barn style overlap in a cool way. Rustic woods, elements of the earth, antiques, faded fabrics and soft cotton blankets come together in Rustic Luxury and create interiors that bring together the best of both worlds. Both […]