Allergy to semen

A lady brought her four year old daughter to see me for recurring ear infections. The daughter received several rounds of antibiotics, but the ear infections came back again and again. Through careful allergy testing, I was able to determine that the girl was lactose intolerant. Allergy testing revealed that dairy products were triggering the condition. Within four weeks, these […]

How to apply facial primer to minimize pores

Foundation is an important step in creating the right foundation. It fills in the pores of the skin, smoothing out blemishes and blemishes. The primer layer helps to lock in hydration on the skin; It is usually applied after the moisturizer and before the makeup base. The primer helps create a smooth canvas for makeup, giving skin airbrushed perfection. The […]

13 tips to prevent snakebite infection from your piercing

A vertical labret piercing, which is often called a snakebite piercing, involves two horizontal piercings on opposite sides of the mouth, making it look like a snakebite. Among all types of piercings, lip piercing has become extremely popular and fashionable today. However, it is extremely important to keep your lips clean with a snakebite piercing, as it helps prevent infection […]

9 tips on how to read your sexual language

Is she flirting? Smiling? Eye contact? How to pick up on her flirting cues. Interpreting your sexual body language has never been easier. 1: She Starts Grooming – This is also known as making sure she looks her best. Standing more upright, folding the belly and pushing the breasts are spontaneous and instantaneous gestures that interest women. Next, he will […]

Why do you need to detoxify your body

Open the doors to healing and rejuvenation Our society foolishly rewards itself for eating a high-protein, meat-based diet; excessive consumption of dairy products; refined grains (rich in gluten that literally turns into glue in the colon); starchy foods (which harden the body); refined sugars (which literally corrodes your brain); salt (which is really crude oil [petroleum] extract); genetically modified and […]

Some useful information for California travel

California travel information is critical to highlight, as the state has a reputation for being a trendy vacation spot. There is much to explore in the vast state of California, including the state’s stunning beaches; the Golden Gate Bridge; wine tasting regions; Monterey Bay in San Francisco; the San Luis area; and kid-friendly parks like Disneyland and Legoland. Tourists continue […]