Vacation & Travel Guide for Dalaman, Turkey

Shopping There are some excellent shops in Dalaman City. This is an essential part of your vacation to take home a bargain from the traditional bazaars. After haggling over the price of a leather coat or shopping for designer clothes in the boutiques, you won’t be short of other shops and markets to visit selling everything from exotic fruits and […]

Using molasses as a detox formula

The popularity of molasses as a detoxifier is on the rise these days, especially due to its easy availability and, of course, quite a remarkable taste for a natural cleanser! Blackstrap molasses is known to do a lot of good to the body, such as curing tumors, edema, heart problems, anemia, arthritis, and other joint pain. In addition to fighting […]

A Quick Guide to Los Angeles Beaches

I am sure that when you say that Los Angeles visions of tanned inhabitants come to mind, as well as the beaches that allow them this luxury. Sunbathing is not, of course, the only activity that can be done on the beach. In fact, different beaches will have different activities for which it is best. Los Angeles County has over […]

Candida Cleanse Diet Detox: 12 Tips for Success

Here are 12 dietary tips to help you eat right, clean up successfully, and keep your meals tasting great. 1) Remember always check the ingredient list from anything grocery shopping … LOTS of foods including meats contain added sugars, yeast, and soy products that you wouldn’t expect! When cleaning Candida, keep in mind that fresh, organic ingredients will give you […]

Make the most of your Los Angeles vacation

Relive your favorite moments from movies and television on the Walk of Fame, the famous sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. Alternatively, try designer clothes in Beverly Hills. Swim to the ideal temperature in the Pacific Ocean or watch surfers glide over the waves in Malibu in the sun. There are so many things to do while in Los Angeles that you […]

Headaches during pregnancy: what is normal?

Headaches during pregnancy are very difficult, as over-the-counter pain relievers are not recommended. The 40% increase in blood volume that occurs during pregnancy increases the pressure within the blood vessels and this in itself can lead to headaches during pregnancy. Headaches and pregnancy are related and can be very dangerous, especially if experienced during the last month of pregnancy, as […]

Sugar withdrawal symptoms: don’t let them stop you from kicking your sugar habit

The only thing stopping more people from committing to a sugar-free diet than any other cause is fear of sugar withdrawal symptoms. Don’t let that stop you: withdrawal symptoms from sugar addiction, compared to many other addictive substances, are quite mild, so quitting addiction to sugar and other refined carbohydrates is pretty easy. Staying “clean” afterwards is difficult. Other drugs, […]

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis: Tests Your Doctor Should Perform in the Course of Your Treatment

Fibromyalgia is often overlooked or misdiagnosed for various reasons. There are no definitive blood tests or X-rays to diagnose fibromyalgia, and it shares symptoms with many other diseases and conditions. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is a combination of taking the patient’s symptom history, a physical exam that tests the patient’s trigger points, and exclusion. Today I’m going to focus on […]

Sex toys: what is an egg vibrator?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Perhaps not such a confusing question is “what is an egg vibrator”, and we have an answer that everyone can agree on. This popular vibrator is easy to use, versatile, and feels great; So much so, you may never want to leave home without it. The vibrating egg should be an essential […]