Do you reveal yourself in the routine?

As summer comes to an end and fall begins, it’s time for many of us to settle down, hone our focus, and get back to our daily routines. Whether you have kids going back to school or you’re coming back from a long summer vacation…it’s the perfect time to get organized so you can be productive and more focused at […]

The Benefits of Malasaña

Malasana, also known as Upavesasana or Garland Pose, is a very simple yet highly beneficial yogasana. Here are some health benefits of Malasana. This yogasana gives a great stretch to the face, hips, sacrum, and lower back. It has a great effect on your metabolism; this improves the same. It makes your digestive system healthy. Malasana brings your belly into […]

Master Cleanse Shopping List

If you’ve finally been convinced to give Master Cleanse a try, you need to gather the Master Cleanse ingredients. The things needed for this detox diet really aren’t that hard to find. You can actually find some of the items inside your pantry. So what do you need to write on your shopping list? fresh lemons Yes, fresh lemons. Without […]

Restaurants in Oaxaca, Mexico get a boost from “Oaxaca Sabe” despite opening failures

Oaxaca is known as one of the top food and drink cities in all of Latin America. The mecca of mole in south central Mexico stands out for more than the variety of rich and delicious sauces: internationally renowned restaurants, attractive nighttime street food stalls, unique culinary and drink items such as tlayudas, tejate, barbacoa de borrego and Of course, […]

Beauty tips for face and makeup

Makeup has been around for centuries; even Cleopatra in ancient Egypt decorated her face. Women throughout history have considered makeup essential. Makeup doesn’t do magic, it just enhances the beauty you already have. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, a teenager, or a doting grandmother, here are some makeup and beauty tips for you. Exercise and Diet Naturally, […]

What are the major and minor chakras?

Earlier I talked about the CHAKRAS or Energy points in the body and how they affect your life. I just scratched the surface. So if you remember, there are 12 major chakras in the body and I say “major” because there are many “minor chakras” like the temple chakras, elbow chakras, 4 sinus chakras, etc. If you regularly clear your […]

Game versus Biltong beef

Biltong has long been recognized in South Africa as the perfect match for arduous hunting trips, mountaineering expeditions and sitting in on a rugby match. With a growing number of expat communities around the world, biltong, a cured dried meat, has traveled the globe and is gaining popularity among other cultures. Probably because it’s just delicious. In terms of health […]

Teardrop piercing and how to get one

Are you ready to get pierced again? Well, why not try teardrop piercing? If you’re feeling bold and want something different when it comes to body piercing, you may want to try teardrop piercing. This piercing got its name because the pierced section is located just above the apples of the cheeks, right where tears usually fall. Those who get […]

Tips to detoxify the mind and body

Before starting the detoxification process on your body, you should consider starting with your mind first. By getting rid of negative emotions such as resentment or taking revenge on someone. The purification of the mind will help the healing of the body and will also increase your health. The connection between the mind and the body has been known for […]

How to tan your armpits

Why would you want to tan your underarms? If you want to make sure your skin color looks natural, you should even it out by tanning your underarms. If you want to tan your underarms naturally, it’s best to do it outdoors on a sunny day. Lie down in a pool lounge, raise your arms up and let the sun […]