Removing Common Stains From Different Types of Floors

Stains are a part of our everyday lives, especially when we consider the different types of flooring options in our homes. You should know that all floors are at risk of staining, no matter how careful you are. With food and drink spills, children’s activities, pet mess, and foot traffic along with normal wear and tear, your floor will take […]

Affiliate marketing with mobile apps

The use of mobile applications has increased dramatically. If you are interested in building your affiliate marketing business, using mobile apps is a great new area to consider. Here are some more details. With the tremendous growth in the use of iPhones and other smartphones, more and more applications can be made through these devices. A wide range of useful […]

This is why you should switch to paying rent online

Some people are hesitant to pay rent online. Why do it when they are used to paying in the traditional way? Come to think of it, there are some benefits to paying rent online. Landlords are now offering online payment schemes to tenants, giving them the opportunity to better manage their finances, get rid of stress and improve their creditworthiness. […]

Is a Composting Toilet Right for You? 5 important questions to ask yourself

Composting toilets are an alternative type of toilet that converts human waste into organic matter, or compost, that can be added back to your garden soil. While it’s true that modern composting toilets are clean, odorless, and relatively easy to install, they’re not necessarily the best option for everyone. Buying a composting toilet is also not an economical undertaking. For […]

How to buy commercial real estate

Every few years, the real estate industry crashes, leaving small and medium-sized businesses with a dilemma: is it better to own or rent commercial property? Buying commercial property is a complex business, making it difficult for experts to maximize the value of their investment. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The following guide takes a realistic approach to solving the dilemma […]

Promissory Note Valuation – Important Tax Consequences

The sum of the outstanding principal balance plus the increased interest may actually overstate the value of the note A little known fact At first glance, the fair market value (FMV) of a note, secured or unsecured, appears to be easily determined. IRS Treasury regulations assume its value to be the unpaid principal, plus any accrued interest and late fees […]

Supporters of Section 8? Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners

Section 8 is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance program for low-income families that provides housing assistance to families based on their ability to pay housing costs. Section 8 programs are administered by a Public Housing Authority (PHA); either the State, the local city housing authority, or the county housing commission. The PHA pays most of the rent directly […]