Transmitting video

The Internet provides users with many ways to access video files online. The traditional method is to download a video file as a user would download a normal document or image file. The user must wait for the download to finish, then open and view the video. However, streaming videos allows users to watch a video while it is being […]

Online Party: There is nothing better!

NA Publisher: Outspark EU Publisher: Gamigo Developer: Ons on soft Party Online features an anime-style layout, with 4 classes to choose from that are similar to most MMOs; Archer, Mage, Fighter and Cleric. With limited free customization as there are only 3 hairstyles and 3 hair colors available at character creation and cannot be changed afterwards unless paid for in […]

Have you heard? Android OS (Oreo) is your best bet for growth

Android, as one of the two most popular mobile application platforms, continues to be popular by powering the largest number of smartphones. The operating system that powers the vast majority of smartphones has now evolved in features and capabilities and every year we get new updates that further enrich Android with features and functionality. Android Oreo, the latest platform update, […]

Is Wii Mario Kart any good?

Mario Kart Wii is finally here. They will buy everything at the same time, separated by distance but united by the same desire, the desire to drive a Kart, or ride a bicycle. How do you let go once it has grabbed you? On screen, this addictive game shows a circuit that takes on the appearance of an apocalypse! Bombs, […]

Avoid These 10 Design Disasters When Creating Your Company’s Marketing Materials

Have you ever noticed how many articles there are about creating your own marketing materials? These articles concentrate on the “must do” things and offer tips as clever as “Know your audience”, “Say it with images” or “Write clearly and clearly”. Now I’m not saying any of that is bad advice. But you should also know what not to do. […]

Windows Task Manager in French

You use Ctrl+Alt+Del to see what is running on your PC, to close blocked programs and processes, and to check performance. You probably avoid some processes whose names mean nothing to you, but are essential to Windows. Sure, svchost.exe likes to show up all the time and multiple times. What Is taskmgr.exe? Oh yes, it’s the window you’re looking at […]

How to play any video on your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry refused to stay out of the tablet market and recently launched its own device called the BlackBerry PlayBook. The new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC is a valuable addition for business, entertainment and everyday life in general. BlackBerry PlayBook is the ideal versatile device for taking photos, participating in video conferences, listening to music and audiobooks, viewing photos and videos, […]