Michael Jordan Biography – Ten Great Facts

Needless to say, Michael Jordan’s biography is very exciting. As a passionate fan, you probably want to know more about the career of this fantastic player. So, let’s break down the top ten important facts about Michael Jordan. 1. Michael began his career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Of course, he was the best player in […]

Who will win the big game? Characteristics that can determine the NBA and NHL champions

The 2009-2010 NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals are underway. What factors ultimately determine the championships? What characteristics could help decide which team will win the ultimate prize? Sports fans may be interested in the sports analytics in this article. Sports organizations and executives may be interested in learning more about our research projects and how we can […]

Human drugs toxic to dogs

Every day, veterinarians treat puppies and dogs that have been on human medication; most, which can be or are toxic to our canine companions. The degree of danger often depends on the type and amount of medication consumed, as well as the size, age, and general health of the dog. Smaller breeds, especially toys, puppies, and older dogs are at […]

No Premier League team in the Champions League semi-final! Is it a sign of the EPL’s downfall?

Steadfast supporters of UEFA competitions, and especially the Champions League, can attest to the reality that there have been EPL teams in the semi-finals of the Champions League for the previous six seasons, i.e. 2003. -2009. In the last six seasons, regular EPL teams in the Champions League (Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC) have appeared […]

Power Networking for Basketball Coaches

I recently attended a Junior College game that featured two of the best teams in the Midwest. When the stands filled up, I noticed a dozen college coaches present. I’ll use this to explain how powerful your network can be and how it will grow exponentially. Your network is only as strong as you create it and includes the strength […]

Married But Available – What Does That Mean Exactly?

If you hear someone say that they are married but available, this may be mystifying. After all, if you are married, how can you be available? Unlike those who believe in monogamy and fidelity, some people believe that it is okay to have additional relationships outside of their marriage. Generally, both husband and wife will participate in this arrangement and […]

Need for LA: Middle infielders need more than half a season to work together on a championship team

Across the baseball world, writers and experts applaud the Dodgers acquisitions. At the trade deadline, Los Angeles landed two veteran All-Stars to improve their midfielder, in the hope that this duo would lead last year’s National League champions to their first World Series title since 1986. Brian Dozier, who recently set a record for home runs by a second baseman, […]