Too good to be true – Family Golf Centers, Inc

You can’t talk about the 1990s and the golf course industry without talking about Family Golf Centers, Inc.In the roaring 1990s, a company that emerged from nowhere went public and set out to become the largest operator and owner of “Family entertainment facilities in the north”. America. The company was known as Family Golf Centers, Inc. and was marketed under […]

Hiring a contractor for your bathroom remodel

The process of hiring a professional contractor to handle your bathroom renovations can get your head spinning pretty fast. First of all, there are many bathroom renovation companies. Look under ‘General Contractors’ or ‘Bathroom Remodeling’ in the phone book and you will see what we mean … there are hundreds of bathroom remodelers and general contractors in every area. On […]

Photographers improve website traffic

It is time to bring you more clients. How do we do that? Improve ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Your goal should be to get your site to the first page of Google. Those 10 results are more likely to be clicked when people search for photographers. My goal is to help you improve the ranking […]

How data science can change your future

What is data science? In this age of big data, it is essential to have an efficient processing system for all stored information. Data science is part of that system and meets a growing demand from different sectors. Extracting relevant information, spotting patterns, and analyzing statistics are typical aspects of a data scientist’s job. With digitization, all information about companies […]

Why I combine kayaking with backpacking

Some of my reasons for backpacking, venturing out these last 60 years have been just that, adventures. I enjoy the insecurity of what is around the next bend, what is over the next hill. I also enjoy the feeling of self-reliance. The feeling that I am totally self-sufficient. In a world where our society wants to protect us from everything […]