Know the types of laws that prevail in a state

It is the laws that allow a state to function in a proper order. The legal system protects the rights of people to ensure that they are safe and protected in every way. They are the rules that govern the character and function of any individual or group. They regulate social and economic interactions and keep them running smoothly. They […]

Gene Smith, Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Director (AD) – Biography

Gene Smith is the athletic director (or AD for short) of the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes athletic program. Mr. Smith oversees a diverse variety of men’s and women’s sports for a school that has the unique distinction of being one of only four universities to have won national championships in men’s football, basketball and baseball. Gene Smith’s official appointment […]

Jamaica, a great place to vacation

Jamaica, one of the Caribbean islands, is an hour’s flight from Miami to Kingston, the capital. The island, approximately 31 miles wide and 140 miles long, is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. Not far from the equator, the island’s temperature is around 82 degrees year-round, due to the ocean breezes keeping it cooler than expected. Montego […]

Geography in Steely Dan’s discography

For a band that eschewed touring during their commercial heyday in the ’70s, Steely Dan certainly traveled a lot on his songs. Donald Fagen and Walter Becker not only mention many cities in their home country, the United States, but also refer to various places in the world. Naturally, the group makes mention of New York and California, two of […]

Eight Barriers to Critical Thinking

Too often we fall prey to comfortable thought patterns without analyzing their effectiveness. When this happens, we may not get the desired results because we haven’t asked the right or enough questions to arrive at the best answer to a problem. Researchers and management specialists have identified more than 100 different barriers to effective critical thinking, but there are eight […]

sailing tobago

The Lat Long coordinates for Scarborough, Tobago’s main port, are 11 degrees 12 minutes north and 60 degrees 44 minutes west. There are two main ports of entry to Tobago, Scarborough on the south side of the island and Charlotteville on the northeast of the island. Tobago is a very pretty island twenty-seven miles long and seven miles wide with […]