Colon hydrotherapy can prepare for colonoscopy

You are waiting for the gastroenterologist to perform a colonoscopy. The purpose of the prep colonoscopy is to remove all stool (feces) from the colon. Help the gastroenterologist perform the colonoscopy; the doctor needs a clear view of the intestinal wall. To see what’s inside your colon, your large intestine has to be empty and clean. There are two options. […]

Are Aesop’s fables for children and adults?

Many parents are so busy making money these days that they don’t even think twice about putting the task of raising their children in someone else’s hands; They also do not realize the importance of ensuring that their children grow up wise enough to face the many challenges that arise daily in each person’s life. Some parents often transfer their […]

Best places to visit in Jamaica

“This is the land of my birth, this is Jamaica my Jamaica, the land of my birth” – Eric Donaldson Now I know many people consider this little island a vacationer’s paradise, but for me, Jamaica is simply home. This beautiful little island has a treasure trove of unique offerings and experiences that many people who come on an all-inclusive […]

7 Scholarships for Sonography Education

Earning a certificate or degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography can lead to a rewarding career. An important consideration for students is finding a way to pay for their education or reduce their cost of education. Sonography scholarships are popular because they don’t have to be repaid like student loans or federal grants. The following are some of the quality scholarships […]

bengali recipes

What makes a Bengali a Bengali? The answer always seems to lie in the fish. As a typical Bengali who spent his whole life trying to avoid fish, I always felt that he wasn’t Bengali enough because he didn’t salivate at the prospect of koi-maach. By moving to America, I thought I had escaped the accusing gaze of the bead-eyed […]