Top 10 facts about New York’s garment district

New York City is arguably the fashion capital of the world and has at its center the world-famous Garment District, a downtown neighborhood encompassing a square mile of densely concentrated fashion design and manufacturing businesses, including some of the most recognized brands in the world. Read on to learn more about this vibrant historical landmark. The New York Garment District, […]

3 pet friendly places in Devon

For pet owners, choosing where or whether to go on vacation can be a headache. Fortunately, if you’re looking to get away to beautiful Devon County, there are plenty of beaches, pubs, and other attractions you can visit where taking your pet won’t be a problem. Some of these are featured in the short list below. 1) InstowBeach It is […]

Hat Metaphors and Similes

I collect these. Additions to this list are welcome. Also, note that in some cases I don’t know the origin of a particular expression. If you have knowledge or theories about the origin of something below, I would also like to hear from you. I hope you enjoy it. Speaking through your hat Talk nonsense or lie. c1885. [In an […]

How Utah Realtors Are Coping With Today’s Market

Utah real estate agents continue to adapt to an ever-changing market. For many years, Utah has been unique in its great western location without the high prices of neighboring states like California. In fact, having a cheaper cost of living than California has given Utah a special economic advantage. Unfortunately, Utah is also struggling with some of the same problems […]

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica

Being one of the largest cities in the country, Kingston is the capital of Jamaica located in the south of the United States of America. Jamaica is the island country and Kingston is one of the most beautiful and charming destinations in this country. Kingston manages the country’s administrative, cultural, social, commercial, demographic and sociological channels. If we talk about […]

The Harper Brothers – Why does this pop-rock cover band travel from France to Denmark every summer?

Anyone looking for the late 80s jazz group “The Harper Brothers” with Winard Harper and Philip Harper will be very disappointed. This is the original Harper Brothers formed in the mid 80’s by Torchy Harper, aka Clive Day. Torchy Harper spent his early years living at a gas station in Watford, England, alone with his dog Sam and his brother […]

Tennessee cowboy culture

A cowboy is not a “child” as it sounds, but according to Webster’s dictionary, a cowboy is “someone who is hired to tend cattle, performing tasks on horseback, particularly in the western United States.” Although the culture has been popularized by many Western movies in the past, the cowboy culture still exists despite the decline in making themed movies. Many […]