Set your home apart from the rest

With so many homes on the market, you want to make sure yours stands out to buyers. When selling your property, there are a few important steps that, if taken, will make your home the most attractive and desirable among any competition. Follow the tips below and your home will sell faster and for the highest possible price! Separated from […]

Kingman Hotels, Arizona – Best Accommodations

Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County, located in northwestern Arizona, about 95 miles from Las Vegas. With historic buildings and 27 sites of interest, it stands as one of the best tourist destinations in Arizona. This heart of historic Route 66 is home to many amazing tourists. attractions, some of which include: Route 66 Historical Museum, Mohave Museum […]

Tips for choosing “sleeping” real estate

Real estate investing is all about perception. Your perception of where the market is headed, along with where it is actually going. The goal, as always, is to buy low and sell high. You want to buy a piece of land cheaply and sell it as high-priced developed real estate, after it appreciates enough to make a handsome profit. Selling […]

La Tules – Mount Queen of Santa Fe

Born around 1800, María Gertrudis Barceló Her childhood years are still debated among historians, but her subsequent marriage to Don Manuel Antonio Sisneros on June 23, 1823 is recorded in the records of Tomé, a small town about 30 miles south of Albuquerque. Although she married Sisneros, a member of a prominent family, she kept her maiden name. She preferred […]

How girls with guns get respect

Most of the time, the shooting range is a man cave with guns where the women look really out of place. It is not unusual to be the only woman in a shooting competition or on a shooting range. Fortunately, it is less and less, but when that is the case, it is very possible that you will not be […]

Things to do in Grenada, Antilles

Things to do in Granada are plentiful for those wondering how to spend their vacation or holiday. With white sand beaches, abundant wildlife and cultural experiences to enjoy, Grenada is a very popular West Indian island for travellers. Here are some ideas of how to spend your time there: 1. Snorkeling and beach The white sand beaches are certainly very […]

Hotels in Aruba

Aruba is an island in the Caribbean. It is located about 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coast. It is also an autonomous dependency of the country, the Netherlands. This wonderful island is about 19 miles or 30 kilometers long and 9 kilometers or 6 miles wide. .The widest point of the island measures an area of ​​70 square miles […]