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Go to Sohar in Oman to visit the hometown of the mythical Sinbad

Every vacation to Oman should include a trip to the exotic city of Sohar, which, according to legend, is one of two contenders for being the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor. Sohar is located in the north of Oman, some distance from the country’s capital, Muscat.

Sohar is the country’s largest city outside of Muscat and is constantly expanding, and Oman’s travel industry can only benefit from these sweeping changes. Sohar is home to a wealth of historical and cultural attractions, and every Oman vacation in this area should include trips to the imposing 13th-century Sohar Castle and the nearby Sawadi Islands, which are famous for their diving facilities.

Tourists looking for accommodation in Sohar can choose from at least four different hotels in all different price ranges, as well as vacation apartments. Oman to Sohar travel packages may also include accommodation, so prospective visitors are advised to review all available packages before making any reservations.

Every holiday in Oman should make time for shopping, and shopping opportunities abound in Sohar with its many modern hypermarkets and two traditional souk markets. Anyone who wants to experience the traditional buying and selling of Oman should make sure that their vacation in Oman includes a visit to a souk.

Sohar is a city of many archaeological wonders, and a tourist’s travel plans to Oman should definitely be organized around the amount of sightseeing they can do while on vacation in Oman.

The sparkling Sohar can provide the visitor with some of the most memorable Oman holidays ever.

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