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How to play any video on your BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry refused to stay out of the tablet market and recently launched its own device called the BlackBerry PlayBook. The new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC is a valuable addition for business, entertainment and everyday life in general. BlackBerry PlayBook is the ideal versatile device for taking photos, participating in video conferences, listening to music and audiobooks, viewing photos and videos, playing games and much more. It provides you with a 7-inch touch screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet with a maximum screen resolution of 1024×600. PlayBook is the unlimited multimedia resource for your entertainment. It can play an adequate number of popular media formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, and H.264 HD video, MP3, WMA, and AAC audio. You can keep your BlackBerry PlayBook within reach when you work or travel and enjoy your favorite media collection as quickly as possible.

Despite a good number of video and audio formats that the BlackBerry PlayBook can handle, there are still many song and video file types that are not supported. You will not be able to play MKV (Matroska Video), FLV (Flash Video), Real Player (RM, RMVB) videos without conversion. BlackBerry will not play any DRM-protected files, for example, purchased iTunes movies and TV shows, Napster WMA downloads, OverDrive audiobook downloads, etc. In case you already have a large video collection, probably buy movies or TV shows from one of the Video on Demand services or download online videos in MKV or Real Media format, we can recommend a working BlackBerry converter called Media. Buddy. This program has proven to be useful for all mobile device owners. You will find conversion settings for Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV), Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP and finally BlackBerry devices.

The Media Buddy software has fixed presets for BlackBerry video conversion. If you own a BlackBerry smartphone, the program offers video conversion to MP4 format in 320×240 or 480×360 resolution. In case you need to convert video to BlackBerry PlayBook, there is an H.264 video output option. By using the H.264 format, you will retain the original video quality and converting to a lower resolution will save disk space and produce smaller files. The program’s interface is intuitive and you will never get confused when trying to perform a simple task. Media Buddy has inherited all conversion features from MP4 Converter software except protected video conversion. MP4 Converter can make an unprotected copy of purchased media for personal use in one of the following media formats: MP4, AVI, and WMV.

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