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How to Restore the Finish of Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The question of how to restore the finish of oak kitchen furniture has been raised several times in some forums in which I participate. There really is no best answer to this question, as the final decision depends on your personal taste and interest. What I present below is just my point of view based on my experience and readings on the subject.

The option you choose to restore the finish depends on the type of finish you have. It also depends on the age of the cabinets. For example, you may even have to sand them down and apply hairspray.

If you don’t want to change the color of the cabinets, you may not have to repaint them. If you are considering using any oil products, be careful not to use oils that attract dirt and dust and do not offer a long-term solution. Alternatively, you can use a scrub and water finish or method. The latter does not have a negative effect on oak wood.

If the cabinets have some lacquer that has chipped off the wood grain or one of the cabinets has a chipped effect, then you will need to sand the wood bare and apply a new finish like Danish oil. Sanding requires patience, but it’s worth it.

Another suggestion to the question of how to restore the finish on oak kitchen cabinets is to lightly sand and re-coat what is already there. But in this case I suggest you start with a sample area where it is not visible to everyone.

Use this area as a test and if you are satisfied with the results you can make all the oak cabinets in the kitchen. While testing the sample area, be careful not to peel or end up clumping like oil in water. If this happens, then you should consider something else.

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