Nokia N96 vs Nokia N95 Black Mobile Phone

Nokia has done it again and I think they will continue to do it again and again. They have improved their N-series mobile phone one after another and now the successor to N95, Nokia N96, was launched with much pomp and show in Brussels in 2008. This phone has some features that if counted at first seem incredible. Even I also didn’t believe when someone told me that the phone has 16GB internal capacity, until I saw the phone and the specifications of the phone on its official website.

Nokia N96 is the new multimedia computer phone that has been very well optimized for TV and videos. The 2.8” large screen never allows you to put the phone up to your nose to see the videos clearly and the screen can support high quality video and you will feel like watching a DVD and also in a wide variety of formats. The manufacturing of the Nokia N96 is such that it will not lead to anyone complaining. The phone is the ultimate device today and since it’s from Nokia, you can imagine the competition it will give other phones. The Nokia N96 can now be crowned the king of all phones.

Nokia N96 has 16 GB of internal memory and I don’t know what I would save on this phone if it had that much space. In 16GB you can store around 10-12 movies. Now imagine the number of songs, music, games and other things you can store on your phone. Your phone supports all video formats, including MPEG-4, Flash video, and Windows Media Videos. USB 2.0 connectivity makes file transfers faster than before and HSDPA or WLAN is an added feature.

Nokia phones try to change people’s lives and now they have made history again with these phones. The phone with powerful connectivity to the Internet, TV, videos and other multimedia options has succeeded in showing that its muscles are stronger than other phones in the market. Nokia N96 is a complete compatible phone for all situations: entertainment, office work, photography and others. Old in taking your breath! I have not said camera yet, its 5 megapixel camera with 20X zoom, Carl Zeiss optics make this phone a supreme commander of photography.

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