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Penis Extender Devices: Why Silicone Rope Penis Extender Devices Are A Thing Of The Past

Penis extender devices are one of the most popular extenders out there for good reason. They are an extremely consistent way to add inches to your member and do it in a relatively short amount of time. In just a few months you can be the man you never thought you could be! If he has started to entertain the idea of ​​getting a penis extender and has done his research, he has discovered that there are two different variations of the device on the market today.

Clinical trials have shown the fantastic results you can achieve, however extenders have certainly evolved since they first hit the market. So what is the difference between these two types of penis extenders and which is the best option for you? Let’s look at the two types individually.

Penis extender devices: the variety of silicone ropes

Let’s first take a look at the traditional penis extender. The base is just a big padded circle with the posts welded (in smaller versions) or bolted (in better versions). These posts are a set length and at the top is a “slider” that runs the length of the posts. This slider will have a small silicone loop attached to it that sits behind the crown of your member. Overall this is a very effective design but it does have some major problems. First, this design does not allow extension of the slider rods to a greater length. This means that if you maximize the profit you can make with the device and want to keep growing, then you have to buy a new device to keep growing. The base of the device is also not very comfortable when pressing against the pelvis. However, the most significant drawback is in the design of the loop or “rope”. The use of a silicone ring is outdated. Not only does it cut into the top and sides of the organ causing a feeling of massive discomfort during use, but it can also impede circulation to the head of the member. This is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous if circulation is impeded for an extended period of time, such as wearing the device overnight.

Penis Extender Devices – The Newest Best Way

Now let’s look at the other version of the penis extender. This newer version is more commonly known as a “comfort strap” style. The best representation of this type of device is the SizeGenetics Extender. These newer versions may not only reduce the risk and discomfort associated with older extenders, but are also significantly more effective. First, the base of these newer models is ergonomically designed to fit the pelvic shape of a man’s anatomy. This means that as tension is applied and pressure on the base increases, you won’t feel any discomfort.

You’ll also notice that with these newer designs, the runner rods are segmented. This serves two purposes: first, it allows the device to expand so that as it grows, so does the device. This means that you can keep growing for as long as you want and grow as much as you want. Second, this means that the entire device can be taken apart for easy cleaning and storage. The most significant change he will notice between the old style and the new is the “slider” layout. On newer models, the slider design is more closely matched to the natural curvature of an adult male’s organ. He’ll note that the loop or “rope” design has also been replaced with a more updated design that uses a comfort strap instead of the loop. This system is not only more comfortable than the previous version, but it is also more effective in enlarging the penis and has fewer risks associated with its use.

So, as you can see, a lot has changed since the first devices hit the market! Why some men continue to use these cheaper, less effective and uncomfortable systems is a wonder. There are so many better alternatives on the market today and the results they offer are far superior.

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