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Psychology of positive thinking: how it works

Take, for example, the cell phone that has become an indispensable device for everyone across the world today. It also used to be a pipe dream, however it was the positive attitude and will of a single individual that made it possible and accessible to billions of people today. If the inventor were pessimistic and depressed with the numerous failures that he might have encountered in his path, today we would not be talking to our loved ones on a handy mobile phone. It clearly manifests the applicability of the principle that what the mind can visualize, the human body is capable of achieving.

The Psychology of One and Positive Thinking play a crucial role in countering negative tendencies.

The feeling of joy that comes from a positive and healthy existence is second to none. One’s life condition becomes such that one feels alive, happy and capable of taking on anything in this world. The future looks bright and brimming with hope and fulfillment. One feels the gratitude of being alive from within. Life looks perfect, flawless!

In reality, however, it all sounds too good to be true. People nowadays are surrounded by so many worries and fears stemming from various issues related to relationships, finances, career, family life, office, etc. that making time to think positively becomes a rare activity. Positive thinking, by its very meaning, has to do with one’s state of mind rather than one’s actions. Of course, the state of mind eventually manifests itself in the form of actions, but it all starts in the brain. You must firmly believe and be sure that you are endowed with all kinds of abilities, health and attitude to savor success. This is also known as positive affirmation.

An often used synonym for positive affirmation is autosuggestion. However, autosuggestion refers to the method by which one can get rid of all negative thoughts that prevent one from thinking positive. Submitting to repeated autosuggestions can do wonders for the individual by leading him to a state of life full of positive thoughts.

You can even go for the strategy of recording all your self-suggestions and positive affirmations on a CD with a sheet music in the background and playing it regularly while driving to work or relaxing. This method helps immensely to bring certain thoughts home and ensures their absorption and manifestation in a very successful way.

Positive thinking: a self-learning process

It is often said in the jargon of psychology that what the mind envisions, the body is capable of achieving. It is the mind that is the center of existence and determines all the actions of a person. Thus, if you are able to visualize success in your mind, your body and your environment begin to work towards achieving that goal in a very spontaneous way. The more positive thoughts you feed your mind, the more positive results you will see in your environment.

It is very important that you do not confuse positive thinking with daydreaming. Positive thinking is much more rooted in the reality of our everyday existence compared to dreams. It instills in us the ability to respond to situations in a positive way, thus helping us to change circumstances for the better.

Another great benefit that you can get from the habit of positive thinking is that it will help you through the difficult times in your life. So even when the tides are not in your favor, you will be able to gain the strength to keep going and be victorious over yourself.

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