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Rectangular tiles are becoming fashionable instead of square ones

Certainly, old is gold when it comes to mosaics in the post-WWII era and into the early 1960s. What happened next? With the horrors of war fading into memory, American suburbs witnessed mighty homebuilding. The economy that had been asleep suddenly grew like an angry tiger. Families grew to accommodate the happy new dreams of an American public that had suffered enough war troubles. You certainly don’t want to give up the past, do you? Is it any wonder that standard 4″x4″ square tiles still exist widely in the second decade of the 21st century? The porcelain tiles of yesteryear are still going full steam ahead in many homes and will remain well into the future.

New age construction and many contemporary homes have been making a change, though not a drastic one. Giving up that eternal square, many are opting for the rectangular tile. Bathrooms and kitchens are being covered with rectangular tiles for walls and floors. Renovation is common today as new thinking places a lot of importance on these previously taken for granted sections of the house. Rectangular tiles come in larger dimensions and bring a fresh twist with current looks in colors and patterns.

The popularity of the largest rectangular tiles

Look at the unified effect created by the large rectangular tiles and the many advantages. Larger sizes mean less work on grout lines and a sleeker look. Arrange them well and you get a modern, seamless look. Also, they look so different from the traditional 1950s bathrooms in a new lifestyle of spacious and luxurious bathrooms.


They offer a spectacular range of very popular rectangular porcelain tiles. If you like modern colors and patterns on giant 12″X24″ tiles, bet on the appeal of the Eramosa series. The smooth linear graining is truly exceptional. Neutral colors like beige and grey, silver and white bring timeless appeal along with the shape. Walking into a 1950s home, you’ll probably find bright colors like pinks and greens in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, contemporary tiles break away from those old-fashioned colors and offer neutral tones as a basis for designs. You can install mosaic backsplashes in bold or neutral colors based on your preferences or show-stopping granite countertops. Both would bring charm, interest, and depth to small spaces.


Rectangular mosaics are also available in the Dimensions series. The appeal of the city is characteristic of these tiles with a range of appearances that blend with their names. Fancy Concrete and Glacier, Graphite and Grey, Khaki and Olive? Combining these tiles with bold or neutral tiles would create amazing effects.

While standard size wall and floor tiles prevailed in the past, trends today indicate small or large tile dimensions. Mosaics containing small squares are also preferred. Use a variety of tile dimensions and patterns to create added interest. In the past, builders used 4″x4″ tiles with thick grout lines throughout.

You may also like the Focus and Loft series of rectangular tiles with somewhat different patterns and colors related to Eramosa and Dimensions. Enjoy combining and mixing colors and patterns!

In addition to rectangular porcelain tiles, other materials such as marble are also becoming popular. Rectangular marble floors in 12″x24″ like Athens Gray are similar to Focus series porcelain tiles with elegant horizontal lines. Modern designers have been mixing materials and patterns to create seamless designs from floor to ceiling.

The question remains whether the square is still modern. People are not very sure. Rectangular tiles have made the scene in recent years. Square tiles continue to be used in updated designs and colors, and more so in ceramics, an appropriate option for today’s homes. However, the 4″x4″ porcelain wall tile that served generations is slowly saying goodbye. Say ‘welcome’ to new limestone and marble, onyx and quartzite, slate and travertine. You will find fascinating colors and designs to fire the imagination.

Choose from the infinite variety of tones and textures, designs and glossy formats of these materials that provide a completely new sparkling effect. In the meantime, the square would remain fashionable for some time to come.

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