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Strategies to increase the shares of your articles and the visibility of your blog

Ten proven techniques to boost your article shares, drive traffic, and explode your online visibility.

1) Write at least 1000 words long, content

Full length articles get more shares than short articles. This is because they are also usually the richest in useful information and practical advice.

2) It focuses on the post list and infographic.

Readers love information visually expressed in list form or because it’s easier to understand and assimilate. You can quickly create your own infographics with Easelly or Piktochart. Alternatively, you can share infographics from other sites in your articles (in this case, remember to always return the source); Example:

3) Use calls to action in your posts

Or phrases that encourage the reader to perform a specific action. The best way to get a share from your reader is to ask for it (very simple, huh?). The consultation will obtain more favorable responses if it is accompanied by a statement of reasons. No matter what, make something up, but always add motivation. Some examples?

“Share this article, do me a big favor”

“Today is my birthday. Give me a gift, share this article”

“If you liked this article, share it”

If you want to do even better, differentiate the font of the call to action to distinguish them from the content of the article. The complement use any font It will allow you to upload new fonts to WordPress and quickly format selected text the way you prefer.

4) Use a plugin that makes simple, obvious and attractive buttons that display actions

The choice is wide: you can use Crest Social Share Counter, Really Simple Share, Shareaholic and many others.

5) Put the share buttons in the right place

The reader will not go up and down the page looking for them. Users are more likely to share an article just to read it, when they understood and appreciated its content. Therefore, place your share buttons especially at the end of the article, and always immediately after a call to action.

Be careful using “floating bars,” those that appear on one side of the screen and scroll together for reading, because they can overlap text when viewed on small screens like laptops. In this case you will only get the result of disturbing the reading of your user and letting him escape from your blog.

6) Make sure the total number of shares is clearly visible

This is a very subtle plot and unknown to most people. You should know that people subconsciously have a need to feel part of a group and this will make them more likely to share a post, which already shows a good number of unshares.

Also, make sure this number is visible at the top of the article – it’s a good way to immediately communicate the value of your content in the eyes of the reader.

Several plugins allow you to see the total number of shares, as well as those made on each social network, and place the share bar buttons at the beginning and end of the post.

7) Share your content on social networks and discussion groups

It is essential because your publication begins to circulate outside of your blog. But it is also a way to prevent the reader, when entering your article, not being able to find a good “0” in “number of shares”.

8) Use click to tweet

Use the Click to Tweet plugin to invite a particular sentence of your content along with a link to your article to be shared on Twitter. Many users prefer to share a single sentence that summarizes a concept instead of the entire article.

Advice on aphorisms. Aphorisms have always been popular with readers (just look how successful collections of proverbs, sayings and quotes from libraries are) and many love to share them on social networks.

9) Do not neglect users who browse from your mobile devices

Traffic generated from tablets and mobile phones is growing (see this infographic on and has surpassed traffic generated from traditional desktop computers. Make sure your share buttons are visible even on these devices. The plugins I advised in paragraph 4 are fine for this purpose.

Have you ever thought of exploiting the enormous success of WhatsApp? Today in this instant messaging system millions of contents will be shared every day. Take advantage of this trend and allow you to share your articles through this service.

10) Expand your network

Build collaborative relationships with other bloggers in the same niche, promote it and they will be willing to do the same with you. In this way your visibility will be extended even to the readers of other blogs and your actions will benefit greatly.

Do you want to achieve maximum visibility? Tip to influence! An influencer is a figure recognized as authoritative and expert in their field of expertise and who is capable of “influencing” opinions on a given topic with their words or articles. If you can share your influencer post, unleash a veritable barrage of other shares in minutes.

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