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Three things to consider before you start giving a facial massage

The time it takes to perform varies from twenty minutes to two hours, although such a long facial massage would include regular rest periods. There are many opinions about how long a facial massage should last. Some advocate a long therapy session because it is so relaxing and pampering, however, others would argue that the massage should be short to avoid stretching the facial muscles.

The facial muscles are more delicate than other muscles in the body, so it would still be wise to apply this massage therapy very gently and not concentrate on any one area for more than a few seconds.

The neck area around the throat should be completely avoided. There are very few muscles here that would benefit and the carotid artery on either side of the neck could be severely damaged with serious consequences, although this type of injury is extremely rare. Just avoid the area entirely to be safe. Chin on Larynx (Adams Apple) is fine.

A luxurious facial massage requires some type of lubricant. Theoretically you could use facial creams or gels, however these are more absorbent. [by design] for the skin, which is further accelerated by rubbing and rapid movement. You would need to apply more cream often as you go through your facial massage routine. This is not very practical and can also be expensive (depending on the cream you use).

Many professional facial therapists naturally use aromatic or essential oils. The idea is that the pleasant aroma that the oils give off helps to relax and calm your client. Using oils like these during a massage session is also known as aromatherapy. You should be careful as a hobbyist with the use of aromatherapy oils, especially essential oils because they can have quite a strong odor, which some patients may find overwhelming. The same principle applies to the use of scented candles, scented sticks, incense sticks, etc. Aromatherapy requires training to understand the therapeutic properties. [and pitfalls] to use different fragrances during your massage session. Make sure the person you’re massaging likes the scent and that it’s not too strong. Place the scent source some distance away so the scent is subtle.

After all, the goal of a luxurious facial massage is to relax your client and give them a feeling of rejuvenation and revitalization.

Therefore, I would recommend that you use an unscented oil that is also not too diluted. Baby oil would not be as suitable because it is quite thin and is highly absorbent by design. A good oil to use is grapeseed oil. It has little to no odor, is not too thin (or too thick), and therefore makes a great massage lubricant.

Test your patient’s skin first to make sure they won’t have any allergic reactions! Remember, some people are allergic to nuts and seeds, so the oils extracted from the seeds could be just as allergenic. Another option is cold pressed olive oil. Keep in mind that olive oil has a mild fragrance that not everyone likes…

A health food specialty store will probably be able to recommend the ideal oil for you.

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