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What Really Works – Hip Hop Abs Gold P90X?

People are moving through their exercises and towards a healthier life. Hip Hop Abs and P90X are two programs that help you achieve your goals. Hip Hop Abs and P90X are provided by the same fitness company, Beach Body. However, that does not make them the same programs. Everyone has their own approach and exercise routines.

Hip Hop Abs works even without using diet pills and that’s a big push point for the program. This program even enhances that dieting is also not necessary. Its success is in the exercises of the program that work with the consumption of healthy foods. The dance workout is the focus instead of a traditional ab workout routine. The routines have a variety of focus elements, from fat burning to abdominal exercises and then a full body workout.

This is an intense workout with high energy music developed to keep you motivated to move. Nutritional guidance and an exercise calendar are also part of the program. You will notice ripped abs and improved energy levels while on this program. It really works.

P90X provides a program that guarantees results in 90 days and it works. It is a series of DVDs with 12 training sessions that accompany a nutrition program. If you dedicate yourself to this program and follow the instructions you will get in shape. You’ll start to see ripped abs if you work out for an hour each day. These sessions target various areas of the body such as abs, cardio, and biceps.

Performing the exercises correctly is vital for success and the use of equipment such as a resistance band and dumbbells enhances the workouts. The program is a boon for anyone who wants to stay away from the gym or classes.

So if you’re wondering what really works: Hip Hop Abs or P90X, it’s up to you and what you want.

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