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Wheels: watch your dog

Small, large, furry dogs … no matter the size, they are likely to pee on the wheel of your car! But what do car wheels and dogs have in common? The explanation is that dogs are attracted to the smell they feel in the tires, which travels in various places. It will always be like this, a pee here and there. And that can often end up with any type of wheel. It can be made of iron, aluminum, it will be ruined by the acid that is urine and causes oxidation. The mechanics have tons of classic stories, like bolt head deterioration, eventually jamming. The problem can be so serious that when unscrewing the lug nuts, there is no choice but to end up hitting the wheel to remove them from the vehicle.

But dog urine does other harm too. It can cause staining and flaking on the wheel. Manufacturers say the problem has been worse. Today, steel and light alloy wheels are treated to be more resistant. But there are other problems such as the lower parts of the car, which still cannot undergo chemical treatments, such as nuts and bolts can get stuck with urine or even if your wheel is scraped in a gutter and loses a bit of varnish, it will be more vulnerable to corrosion.

For those who have a dog and do not want to suffer a future problem with the wheels of the car, the suggestion is to take a neutral detergent and wash the wheels constantly. Another solution is to protect the wheels with a kind of vinyl or similar “bag” for each wheel.

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