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Why high reps are better for quick weight gain

Most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts trying to gain weight quickly are always told that in order to gain muscle mass they must stick to heavy weights with low reps.

This weight training myth stems from many believing that “low rep heavy weights” are for “size”, and “high rep light weights” are for “endurance”.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, if gaining muscle weight is a challenge for you, heavy sets with low reps could be a big mistake.

Why do I say this?

Well, the European Journal of Applied Physiology published some research done on how different types of genes in the body respond to different training routines, based on sets, weight, and reps.

What they discovered was significant.

First of all, there are basically two different types of genetic makeup for each individual:


2) AS DD

In one study, scientists took 99 weight trainers and put them through two types of exercise routines:

o A training program consisted of multiple sets for high reps and lighter weight (reps were 12-15 per set).

o The other exercise routine was made up of several sets of low repetitions with more weight (reps were 8 to 12 per set).

What they found was that the weight trainers who had the most difficulty gaining weight and muscle had efficient ACE II genes.

These individuals responded very well to the higher repetitions for the lighter weight program.

However, when they followed the lower reps for the heavier routine, they made no progress in terms of building muscle mass.

Sure, they may have gotten stronger, but we’re focusing on gaining weight and muscle size, not strength.

(No, size and strength don’t go together like many would have you believe. Which is a big reason most natural bodybuilders/fitness enthusiasts never really achieve their goals. They get stronger, but not bigger. Is this the case with you??)

One of the reasons higher rep training is so much better for those who are efficient ACE II is because they have higher tissue oxygenation, which can increase contraction of the heart and skeletal tissue.

More reasons why higher reps are better than lower reps for heavy weights to gain weight fast:

o The high volume of blood forced through the veins and arteries while training with high repetitions will carry with it important muscle-building nutrients to fuel the training muscles.

o Training with high repetitions improves capillary density (the thickness of the capillaries within the muscle).

o Training with high repetitions increases the diameter (size) of the blood vessels within the muscle.

o Training with high repetitions stimulates the formation of new blood vessels.

…..all of which are responsible for making your muscles larger in size and mass.

(Hey, isn’t that what you’re looking for in the first place????)

Leave heavy, low-rep weights to powerlifters.

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