When presented with a choice, choose the simplest solution: the RAID process methodology

In science there is a principle known as Occam’s razor, which basically means that when faced with two or more theories about a phenomenon, generally the simplest is the best. This principle is called a razor because it is used to “shave” complicated elements. Albert Einstein once said that “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” […]

How can a company use content marketing?

More often than not, the goal of content is to spread brand awareness. However, when it comes to real-time marketing, the purpose of content is to build customer loyalty through ongoing dialogue. Today, this can be done quite easily with the advent of online communication, with social media being one of the leading real-time centric technologies available for use with […]

Social network for your business brand

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, a blogger or an entrepreneur who wants to sell something, you definitely want people to hear about you. This is obviously the number one reason why you should make your brand visible online. Your power to convince your target audience to connect with you is actually a pretty important aspect of an […]

Video conferencing and web conferencing: How to determine which features will benefit you the most

Web and video conferencing technology is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. A few years ago it was a novelty to talk to someone online and see their image at the same time. Today, web conferencing brings entire companies together in a complex interaction that rivals live face-to-face meetings. How you can benefit from the latest advances in web […]

How to Build an Awesome Teacher Resume

Teachers are seen as mentors who guide us in our career goals and help us to be civilized people. Both parents and teachers are believed to help us go through each and every motion of life. They help us enhance our skills, enhance our knowledge, improve our social well-being, impart values ​​and beliefs, and also help us gain self-esteem and […]