How to Evaluate Bond Issues and Interest Rates

When simplified, investment markets can be divided into two types: equities and debt. Equity investments are purchases of shares in a company and represent a part of the ownership of the company. Shareholders may or may not receive annual dividends. Debt investments, on the other hand, represent a loan to the company with the corresponding return plus expected interest. A […]

How to read a balance sheet

Reading or analyzing your balance sheet can seem a bit intimidating, as if it is something that stock analysts and bank managers do. I would like to bring it much closer to you and help you become familiar with it so that you can use it as one of your business tools. Preparation of accurate financial statements To begin with, […]

Small Business Loan for New Business Options: Learn About Alternative Lenders and Financing Online

Literally the biggest challenge any new business faces is getting the financing it needs to get going. Unfortunately, loans are not easy to come by these days, especially if you lack good credit. However, there are some alternative options. You don’t necessarily have to apply for a traditional loan from a bank or go through the SBA. There are several […]

Fundamentals of contract law

No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humorous cartoons depicting a not-so-trustworthy real estate agent intending to sell a home to an innocent-looking couple. My favorite cartoon, which still makes me chuckle, dates back to a few years ago when I was practicing real estate at United Realty. It was a Pompeii Realty realtor, […]

Selection of rules for investing and trading

There are three important differences between investing and trading. Ignoring it can lead to confusion. A novice trader, for example, may use the terms interchangeably and misapply their rules with mixed and unrepeatable results. Investing and trading become more effective when their differences are clearly recognized. An investor’s goal is to acquire long-term ownership of an instrument with a high […]

Alternative investment funds regulation

What is an Alternative Investment Fund (IDA)? The AIF is an investment vehicle grouped privately according to the Alternative Investment Funds Regulation that raises funds from investors, whether Indians or foreigners, to invest them according to an investment policy defined for the benefit of its investors. The AIF may take the form of a trust or a company or a […]