How to judge your purchases today

Reading is my true passion. When I was young, I dreamed of better places. Places where everything was possible where all dreams came true. I read a book called ”Jericho” published around the 60’s and learned about people in difficult times. Books on Sciences, in the fields of Biology, Geology and Earth Sciences. Science fiction was always my favorite. The […]

Start a woodworking business in your home

It is possible to start a woodworking business in your home and earn a living. However, if you are new to this type of business, you will have a plan. This plan will show you how to get your woodworking business up and running in a timely and profitable manner. The plan you choose to use must consider a number […]

Identity Theft Protection for Small Businesses: A Step You May Be Missing

More than $8 billion dollars was stolen from small businesses through identity theft in 2008 according to Javelin Strategy & Research of Pleasanton, California. Small business identity theft continues to outpace individual identity theft at a rate of 4.1 percent in 2010, compared to 3.5 percent for consumers. Small businesses are suffering because thieves know they don’t have the resources, […]

Prospecting Best Practices: The Amazing Power of Nesting

If we’re in the prospecting and promotion business, and you truly believe that the most successful financial advisors make the best prospectors, then it’s critically important that you continue to improve your ability to consistently get high-quality, favorable presentations. Success depends on your ability to identify and execute proven techniques that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your prospecting processes. […]

How to sell digital books at physical events

Digital books are a great way to quickly get your content into the hands of millions of readers. But what about the sale of digital books at physical events? You can tell people about your book and how great it is, but they can’t actually buy the book unless you have a kiosk set up for it or a mobile […]

Disaster recovery plan

A disaster recovery plan is a documented process for recovering and protecting a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Basically, it provides a clear idea about the various actions that need to be taken before, during and after a disaster. Disasters are natural or man-made. Examples include industrial accidents, oil spills, stampedes, fires, nuclear explosions/nuclear radiation, and […]