2012 Chevrolet Volt 18-month review

I have officially eclipsed over 18 months of ownership of the Chevrolet Volt. This marks two important milestones for me. First of all, this is one of the longest spans of ownership for a car that hasn’t broken down perpetually in the garage. Second, I’ve driven over 25,000 miles in that time period. I attribute these two milestones to the […]

Car Rental Tips and Advice

Car rental companies have played an important role in increasing the ease of travel, be it for business or pleasure. The ability to rent a vehicle of almost any style, make, and size at a reasonable price has been a boon to travelers around the world. However, the process of renting a car can be just as troublesome as buying […]

Is Do It Yourself The Answer To Your Expensive Bedroom Furniture Problems?

Buying quality bedroom furniture is expensive. Even bargain dorm room furniture isn’t exactly cheap…not unless you consider those flimsy made-in-China plastic drawers some college students use in their dorm rooms for furniture. In theory, you can get significant savings by buying everything you need in one bundle. In practice, many packages come with foreign parts. To add insult to injury, […]

Burn calories with daily activities

When you think of working out, do you automatically picture yourself on a treadmill at a gym? Or do laps in a pool? If so, you will be surprised how many calories you can burn doing daily activities. Housework is a task that everyone has to do at some point. Instead of dreading it, proceed quickly through your tasks and […]

The economic recession of 2007

Introduction What is the recession? Recession, as established by economists, is the condition in which economic growth slows and all elements of economic growth begin to fall in terms of their average measurement. The question is if the economy doesn’t work for a month or two, then we call it a recessionary period. The answer to this is ‘No’. A […]

Past Lives – Scientific Evidence

Edgar Casey, known as the most prolific prophet of our time, was the first to bring past lives to light in the 20th century. The many readings from him are archived at the Association for Research and Enlightenment center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A convincing form of confirmation that we live more than one life is demonstrated by those who […]

5 Reasons Realtors Should Recognize Fair Market Value

Since, for most people, the value of their home represents their biggest financial asset, wouldn’t it make sense and be beneficial, when the time comes, to try to sell it, hire a real estate agent, who understands? the local market and can you realistically assess fair market value? For a variety of reasons, many homeowners have an unrealistic perspective of […]