Business Law Savvy: Protect Your Business From 5 Common Legal Risks

Unfortunately, in today’s business world, it’s only a matter of time before your company is sued by someone or investigated by a government agency. However, you can reduce the odds by understanding and identifying the most common legal issues that could arise and protecting your business against them. 1.Criminal Investigation State and federal law enforcement and government agencies proliferate with […]

I’ll be done on Friday, seriously! Six Techniques to Ensure Strong Project Management Execution

Some time ago I was responsible for a portfolio of projects that were being carried out within the financial organization of my company. One of the projects was outsourced to a large consulting firm that provided the project management, analysis, and development resources. I had weekly meetings with the project manager, who constantly gave me the go-ahead on the project […]

Being found through online media

Good online business happens when you work on your online visibility. With millions of other businesses online, you need to have an efficient business marketing strategy to grab the attention of the market. Online, you don’t always have to find your market. Let your market find you. How can you find it online? As an independent small business owner, you […]

Microhistory: BC to AD

Being an inordinate fan of history, I have decided to write about it. Not about my first love, from a historical perspective, I mean, medieval European history, or my second love, Russian history. Not even from the bloodiest day in American history, the Civil War Battle of Antietam, which should have brought the Union cause close to victory but, due […]

High School Wrestling: Periodization

Many wrestlers approach conditioning in a haphazard and disorganized manner, with no clear goal in mind. This could be a mistake. Periodization is a concept designed to help you divide your conditioning into phases or cycles in which you focus on certain training goals. Periodization is designed to help you achieve peak performance. Peak performance is virtually impossible to maintain […]

Genealogy of the Royal House of Aragon

The Royal House of Aragon was founded by Jaime I of Aragon (“The Conqueror”) who reigned as King of Aragon 1213 – 1276. The Kingdom of Aragon was one of the small Christian states that arose in the Iberian Peninsula after the gradual expulsion of the Moors, who had dominated the area in the following his conquest of the former […]

How to pronounce words in Paraguayan Guarani

“…mba’e guasuete, born.” susy slim “… something unexpected, the spoken word.” (Translated by Susan Smith Nash) Modern Guarani is an Amerindian language currently spoken in Paraguay and is the only indigenous language in South America recognized as a national language. Surely it is important to remember that Guarani has no relation to Spanish; the other national language of Paraguay. GuaranĂ­ […]

fun facts about chocolate

There are so many weird and wonderful fun facts about chocolate that it’s hard to know which ones to include and which ones to leave out due to space considerations. First of all, the Mayans used cacao beans as currency because they believed that they were more valuable than gold dust. They controlled bean production so that their currency would […]

Going to court for speeding tickets: how to prepare

Many drivers have experienced the unpleasant event of receiving a speeding ticket. When you received your ticket, you may have been upset, embarrassed, angry, or some combination of these emotions. Once he sat down to take a look at his ticket, he probably began to wonder what he should do next. Maybe you don’t think you were going as fast […]

Hulda Forest and Herzl House

On Israel’s 50th birthday, her people received an extraordinarily precious gift. That year, the Jewish National Fund, the Society for the Preservation of Historic Sites in Israel, and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority began the painstaking restoration of 50 outstanding historic sites. The most important of these was Herzl House, a villa from the early 20th century strangely located […]