What is a half-time motion in a criminal case?

Let’s say you represent a client in a criminal matter. You, as a lawyer, work a lot on the case. You investigate it thoroughly. Interview all witnesses. You come up with a game plan with your client. And finally he tries to negotiate with the Prosecutor so that the charge is dismissed or at least reduced to a lesser charge. […]

Why judicial corporal punishment is better than imprisonment

Today, naturally, we think of incarceration as more modern and advanced than judicial corporal punishment, but it is not true that incarceration is always better. The facts clearly show that prison does not rehabilitate or deter many crimes and simply keeps criminals out of circulation while in prison. While the execution of judicial corporal punishment is horrendous and generally bloody, […]

Are your loan officers employees or independent contractors?

Many mortgage lenders / brokers treat their loan officers (who are their salespeople) like independent contractors. Those loan officers are paid a commission based on the successful financing of a loan. Mortgage lenders / brokers pay loan officers when each transaction closes or periodically. The amount paid to the loan officer does not contain any deductions for federal, state or […]

Construction of emergency shelters with metal SIP

With the increase in natural disasters each year, it becomes increasingly relevant to tailor emergency shelters to your disaster preparedness plans. There are many types of emergency shelters on the market, all touting a variety of preparedness benefits and features, but if your shelter is built with traditional materials (such as wood or concrete), then you are not experiencing the […]

Kill our children

It’s tempting to view the April 16 murder of 32 students and faculty at Virginia Tech as a horrific anomaly perpetrated by a singularly insane person with access to guns. Period. End of discussion. We know how to handle this (although, somehow, we didn’t). Before we settle into a comfortable stupor of believing that the authorities have handled it, some […]

A brief history of the American felony homicide rule

THE PENNSYLVANIA MURDER RATING STATUS After our American independence, several of the new states initiated legislative reforms to codify the crime of murder. One of the first states to do so was Pennsylvania. In 1794, that state enacted a homicide grade statute that divided murder into capital murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree. The Pennsylvania […]

The 5 Most Influential Law Enforcers in History

Narrowing down the list of famous police leaders to the 5 most influential people in law enforcement history is difficult. Many people have influenced law enforcement around the world since ancient Egyptian and Greek societies. The following men, however, may be 5 of the most recognized influential people in recent law enforcement history in the United States: Eugene Biscailuz: As […]