Punta Gorda, Belize

Having spent almost two weeks in Belize, living in jungle-like conditions without any of the comforts of modern life, my group of five explorers and two guides were looking forward to what our travel agent recommended as a modern resort. with sandy beaches. , a Chinese restaurant and excellent rooms. As we entered the city, I began to have suspicions […]

Joan Of Venice – Bar Topnotcher

Joan de Venecia majored in Legal Administration at the Ateneo de Manila University, graduating with honors in 2001. She then went on to study law at the University of the Philippines School of Law. She also graduated as valedictorian of her class with a cum laude distinction. During her time at UP, she conducted legal research entitled “The Silent Witness […]

Why dispute resolution provisions matter

Business contracts of all kinds, ranging from sales agreements to merger agreements, often contain “dispute resolution” provisions. These provisions generally govern what happens if a claim or dispute arises related to the settlement. In essence, the dispute resolution clause is a contractual agreement on how the parties will resolve any differences that may arise. Having litigated commercial contracts of different […]

Profit-a-Prendre Features and Termination

Profit-to-take means “right to take”. With respect to real estate, the term means a non-displacement interest in certain areas of land, by virtue of which the owner acquires the right to obtain natural resources including oil, timber, minerals, game, etc. of someone else’s land. Because for the purpose of using such natural resources, the beneficiary, or deed, must have access […]

Probate Lawyers and Their Role in Our Lives

The term ‘probate attorney’ is self explanatory. A wills attorney’s job is to help you draft his will so that all of his wishes are carried out word for word, even when you’re away. So does an estate attorney who helps you distribute your estate. They help with the fair division of all your assets and take all the efforts, […]

The REAL JESUS ​​Can’t Return Until

The prophecy clearly reveals that the TRUE JESUS ​​CHRIST will not return to Earth from Heaven (in full view of all mankind, not from some secret EU or Vatican vault or desert cave) until after Jerusalem has suffered under a gentile EU occupation for three and a half years, complete with Europe’s would-be divine emperor polluting the holy Temple just […]