What are the target areas in the California Veterans Home Loan Programs?

How to stop renting and start owning? Well, there are some options military veterans and active duty personnel should explore, like the Cal Vet home loan program. Cal Vet’s home loan program has helped countless California veterans achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Cal Vet’s home loan program offers many benefits to borrowers, including below-market interest rates and low or […]

Water the plant of intimate relationships

Today I want to talk about connection. It’s something we all want more of and something that in today’s culture, many of us lack. We lack a real connection with friends, family, and even those closest to us: our partners. Our society does not prepare us to make connection a priority. Sure there are phones, text messages, and social media, […]

Food fight! Battle of the Bulge, Caveman Style

Every time I hear the phrase “food fight,” I am instantly transported to the Faber College dining hall. John Belushi, “Pluto”, is stuffing his mouth while being told that he is a “PIG PIG”. In response, he asks, “Let’s see if you can guess what I am now?” John stuffs a rounded ball of mashed potatoes into his mouth and […]

Hospice Tails – The important role animals play in our lives to the end

Hospice Tails: the companion animals that travel with hospice patients and their families by Debra L. Stang is a short, easy-to-read book of 14 stories about hospice patients and their beloved furry and even scaly animals. hospice queues it’s about the important role that animals play in people’s lives to the end. We learn how King, the 100-pound pitbull-rottweiler hybrid, […]

10 reasons why you should retire in the Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines, and retirement too!” Retirement in the Philippines means living a good life without having to spend too much. What’s more fun about retirement in the Philippines? Economic cost of living. The cost of living in the Philippines scored a perfect 100%, according to the 2013 World’s Top Retirement Haven’s in the Philippines.” Living in […]