Suggestions for business references

The company that grows without advertising Have you ever noticed the company that is never advertised, but keeps growing? Some companies achieve so much without spending a penny on advertising. But how do they do it? What’s the trick? LinkedIn referrals The answer to growing your business without a huge advertising budget is referrals. Some companies build their customer base […]

The art of persuasion

Man-1: I came here for a good discussion! Man-2: Ah no you didn’t, you came here to argue! Man-1: An argument is not just a contradiction. Man-2: Well, it COULD be! Man-1: No, he can’t! An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. Man-2: No it’s not! – Monty Python INTRODUCTION This is a topic […]

Recommended fonts for technical documents

“As the saying goes, the guy is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.” – Mathew Carter. I agree with Carter because we don’t select one font for every letter, we select one font for all letters. Font selection is the most important part of formatting and designing your whitepaper. In my opinion, the sources show […]

Smart Microsoft Word Quotes and Internet Article Writers Don’t Mix

By default, Microsoft Word automatically changes straight quotes (‘or “) to smart quotes (smart or typographic) as you type. This is fine if you are only creating your jobs for applications that are not related to article marketing. When you convert smart quotes to HTML, the quotes are converted to non-standard characters that end up littering your document with question […]

Current videogames

Online game Video games are no longer considered an idle or stale activity, which was once considered a waste of time. In today’s world, when the majority of the world’s population prefers to play them, it is an activity that has been termed as one that can strengthen a person’s decision-making capacity and give a boost to their analytical skills. […]

Social Media Marketing: Can You Register A Hashtag?

Relationship between social media and a hashtag The word or phrase Hashtag is preceded by a pound sign (#) widely used on websites and social media applications to identify messages on a specific topic. It is mainly used for social media marketing purposes. The initiator has introduced the hashtag with the intention of maximizing the reach of the topic to […]

Rank in the TOP of Google search results

Exclusive content from Google Ticks Google always likes unique content. The website that has unique content compared to others, will rank sooner than others. This is why Google places such a high value on unique content. Creating content that begs to be shared, such as videos, blog posts, and e-books, also has a great added benefit. That benefit is that […]

Project management office delivers better marketing results

Many people believe that the rigor and discipline of project management mixes with the creative nature of marketing like oil and water. While it takes some getting used to, once the routines are established, not only does the relationship work, but the marketing effectiveness actually improves. The more marketing channels: television, radio, print and digital media, and the higher the […]