Successful Tips Business Owners Should Learn From IKEA

IKEA’s history dates back more than 60 years. IKEA’s founding father, Ingvar Kamprad, is worth $ 78.1 billion today. Even though he is so wealthy, it is rumored that he still buys second-hand clothes, which may be true since he grew up in poverty. However, it has developed a way to display and display products that provide a better consumer […]

Do Credit Repair Programs Really Work?

For many in the real estate industry, credit is the most important thing you can have. For most people, you can’t buy a home without credit. Pay higher interest rates with poor credit. You also pay more for other things like insurance and financing for bad credit appliances. So what do you do if you had some mistakes in your […]

Free Book Summary – Unfair Advantage: The Power of Financial Education – Written by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has a dazzling message. America needs financial education. Right now, our educational system is down and nothing is taught to prepare people for financial freedom. All of Robert’s books are good and teach the basics of financial literacy and the need for continuous learning. Rich Dad / Poor Dad is another famous book by this author. We will […]

How to start a tax and accounting accounting company

Having gained considerable experience developing five of my own accounting practices and spending the next two decades individually helping more than 2,000 accountants develop their own practices, there are some basic principles that accountants can observe to give themselves the greatest chance of success. The best way for accountants to be successful in starting their own CPA Accounting and Tax […]

Which is better: a deed or a lease option?

A deed contract is also known as a land contract or installment sales contract. It is simply an agreement or contract between the seller of a property and a buyer in which the property is not transferred to the buyer until the terms of the contract are met. It sounds very simple and it is except for the fact that […]

5 things to do before renting your home

Renting your property may seem like an easy way to increase your passive income, but starting the process, you may find it more complicated than expected. Your home can stay on the market for months without a rental applicant because it is priced above the fair market rent. A bad tenant can be late or flatly refuse to pay the […]

The 4 benefits of Fix and Flip loans

Buying real estate, repairing it, and selling it quickly tends to be a profitable recipe. However, a key component of this recipe for success is access to capital. If you do not have sufficient funds but are interested in rehabilitating a property, a hard money lender that offers fixed and reversible loans could be an excellent financing option. These loans […]