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Is Wii Mario Kart any good?

Mario Kart Wii is finally here. They will buy everything at the same time, separated by distance but united by the same desire, the desire to drive a Kart, or ride a bicycle.

How do you let go once it has grabbed you? On screen, this addictive game shows a circuit that takes on the appearance of an apocalypse! Bombs, fruit traps and non-fatal blows, because the series defies logic. It attracts all types of players, whatever their age and experience. Mario Kart Wii is not an exception to the rule, quite the opposite; given an accompanying flyer it says “suitable for ages 3 and up”.

We will not hide it, playing Mario Kart with a plastic steering wheel sounds like the height of absurdity, but it is not, you must get Gold points. Offered directly with the game, the Wii Wheel is certainly as expendable a piece of plastic as the other Wii accessories, but it’s an interesting perk as it brings new sensations to the game’s delicate control, the device makes a small difference but it’s no big deal. very fun to maneuver though. It’s for the smooth parts though, just like we do it for fun without really caring about ranking. Driving a kart is not a natural reflex with the rectangular remote control. It is equally accurate but much less easy to control. Whether it’s a Wii Classic Controller, GameCube Pad, or the Wii Remote Combo, this more conventional use has the benefit of the input buttons, triggers, and analog stick that are a must-have for most fans of the series. . As for the remote held on its side, it is simply for playing in the same way as the steering wheel.

We are beginning to understand the technical possibilities of the Wii, and the achievement is neither disappointing nor dazzling, but it is true that the trend is not evident in relation to the GameCube episode. Although excellent, the gameplay takes the party of changing the system of excesses in order to make the consoles more accessible to all. Result, the mini-turbo can only be optimized with the karts and the “snake” will completely disappear. Drag machines are absolutely prohibited.

Drivers, vehicles and races can unlock a bonus as you discover ways to progress through the game to all 32 Grand Prix circuits (and the Mirror mode itself). Play online or split screen with up to four players to battle it out in arenas, but global competition is better online over Wi-Fi. It was fun to find the retro circuit themes remixed for the occasion, but the new ones aren’t too significant. The diversity of screaming characters strongly contributes to the crazy atmosphere of a Mario game.

Successful at all levels, Mario Kart Wii is not revolutionary but it has everything to become the darling of fans of the series. The gameplay changes are there to expand the heart, to target a new audience, including the ability to control a steering wheel. However, regular users will also find the monthly online competitions and updates provided by Nintendo more difficult than the previous ones. Mario Kart Wii U has a challenge worthy of the name and is one of the best exclusives on the console.

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