Restaurant Training Manual: Welcome Guests to the Restaurant

The hostess of the restaurant must be well groomed and present at all times during business hours at the entrance of the restaurant.

She should acknowledge the arrival of the guests with a bright smile on her face and pleasant eye contact, as she approaches the guest. The hostess should greet guests by name (if available) with a courteous bow. Children should be recognized and greeted individually by name (if available). If the guest’s name is not known, the hostess should confirm the name by politely asking “Are you Mr. or Mrs. …?” Once the name is known, it should say, “Welcome to (store name), Mr./s (guest name).” The hostess will accompany the guests to the table, showing them the way with an open palm, as they walk side by side or a short distance in front, saying: “This way, please, Mr./s (name guest) “.

The hostess should suggest an aperitif by saying, “Would you like to sit at the bar for an aperitif first or would you rather go directly to your table, Mr./s (guest’s name)?” She should follow the guest’s response and acknowledge by saying, “With pleasure Mr./s (guest’s name), this way, please.” The hostess should ask about the guests’ preferred section of the restaurant, saying, “Would you prefer smoking or a non-smoking section of the restaurant, Mr./s (guest’s name)?” The hostess should engage in a soft conversational tone with the guests while accompanying them. It should be in a natural and conversational way (without overloading it with excessive conversation; the conversation could be about guests’ stay, activities that guests have enjoyed so far, etc.)

The hostess should pull the chair slightly off the table and offer to sit down. Disabled people must be addressed first, women and then men. The hostess should help the guests to make them feel comfortable and gently push the chair forward and ask, “Please Mr./s (guest’s name), are you comfortably seated?” For first time guests, in case there is a child present, the hostess should propose a high chair as appropriate and ask: “Would you like me to bring a high chair Mr./s (guest’s name)?”

The hostess should unfold the napkin on the guest’s lap, from the right side, ladies first, then gentlemen, with a smile and eye contact. For future visits to the restaurant, a high chair is automatically offered to guests without asking. The hostess should ensure that guests are seated promptly and that the correct number of silverware is placed. The hostess should inform guests that their order will be taken immediately by saying, “The waiter will take your order immediately, Mr./s (guest’s name).”

The hostess should also wish the guests a pleasant dining experience and leave with a courteous bow along with a smile that says, “Please enjoy your (meal) Mr./s (guest’s name).” The hostess must inform the head waiter / waitress if the guests have already had an aperitif at the bar, so that the head waiter / waitress proposes the aperitif to the guests as appropriate. The hostess must present herself well to the guests, she must be calm, polite and attractive with the guests.

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