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Six Smart Book Marketing Tips to Achieve Amazon Best Seller Status

Marketing is not difficult, but it is strategy. You must know how to do all the steps, in sequence, and have a good time. For a book to sell, it has to have a digital component, digitally sold and digitally marketed.

And if you have a video, like the one our client Dr. Cindy Trimm had, you’ve got a winner!

So what does “smart” marketing look like?

Here are some book marketing tips:

1. Link a book and book marketing to a news event

If your book can be tied to current news events, you have built-in buzz (especially if you don’t have a strong platform or brand). And it doesn’t have to be a tragic event. You can launch your book with a sporting event or the Olympics, a hit movie, and Black History Month. It doesn’t matter, as long as there are people talking about it and enjoying more information on the subject. If you have a book on health and wellness, join the conversation about Obamacare or Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign. Finding the right HOOK is key and timing is everything.

2. Creating intrigue and curiosity is essential

If you can create curiosity around your book, you’ll create a bit of a stir before the book is out. It’s no different with movies. A good movie trailer will have you buying $20 for a movie (for two) in no time. It’s no different with a GOOD book trailer. We specialize in developing book trailers and creative ideas that fit the author’s brand.

3. Leverage technology to sell your book

Yes, YouTube is a great tool to sell a book. But keep in mind that this is not about the book at all. It’s the back story: the platform you’ve built OVER TIME that makes people watch your videos, open your emails, and engage in your podcasts like crazy.

4. Creation of joint ventures for more book sales

I don’t know how many people you have on your email list, but if you could double your list and reach several thousand more, wouldn’t that be a coup? That’s what we did for Dr. Cindy Trimm. We ran an email and social media campaign for her list and our partners and increased her exposure to several hundred thousand people! So a smart move would be to find just a few joint venture partners for your book and you will have people flocking to your website.

5. Sell a book without selling a book

We’re big fans of a “landing page” that sells people not just the book, but the movement as well. Look, you don’t think you’re buying a book, you’re part of an event. See an example of what we created for Dr. Laureen Wishom at It worked!

6. Building a list

When you go to the home page, you are actually adding your name and email address to the list of authors. They’ll then be able to send you additional pre-book teasers so you’re ready to buy it before it hits the streets. We offered Dr. Trimm’s list tons of pre-order bonuses and the chance to interact with her directly on the podcasts. We then stagger the distribution of pre-sold books over several days so they don’t all arrive at once.

A block of book orders shipped as one counts as “one” book on Amazon’s bestseller list. But, if you stagger your orders, you’re more likely to land on that enviable best-seller list. They taunt you into signing up for email so you get the “inside report”. This “WOOs” people and keeps them interested until the official release. And she did it! #1 Best Seller on several lists, including Amazon and twice on the BCN (Black Christian News) list.

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