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The modern teen rock star presents the latest wardrobe trends for teen music fans

Quite often, these inveterate teen rockers also adorn themselves with multiple piercings. When it comes to piercings, things are always evolving. One of the hottest piercing trends is known as caliber. It is a simple method of starting with a standard hole and then inserting larger and larger pieces of metal into the hole. Gauges are available in a variety of sizes, including everything from plugs and tunnels to bars and cones.

Tongues, eyebrows, cheeks, nose, chin, and lips are popular public piercings. Some kids go all out and double-drill everything if they can. However, the average teen doesn’t go that far and wears their piercings as small but distinct accessories. Of course, most places won’t pierce anyone under 18 unless they have mom or dad’s permission. That means many kids who want piercings have to wait until they’re a little older.

For underage children whose parents are completely against any form of facial piercing, there are easy ways to fake it. Check out the mall at a popular teen goods store. You will find all kinds of magnetic fake piercings for your ears, lips and nose. How cool is that? They will be totally legal with the parents and there is absolutely no risk of infection or anything else.

Many children would also love to get tattooed. Again, this is not a very popular notion among parents and other adults. But just like fake piercings, temporary tattoos are a great solution. There are literally thousands of inexpensive and interesting designs for children to choose from too. It’s quick, painless, and best of all, temporary so you won’t regret it later.

Jewelry such as cuffs and necklaces are also quite popular in the teen rock community. From sparkly, feminine pieces to heavy metal spiked leather pieces, there is something for everyone. Fingerless gloves have long been a favorite accessory among devoted rock fashionistas. Whether it’s emo stripes or leather and chain, they speak rock and roll. Some teens take the idea of ​​jewelry a step further and wear teeth grills with statement rhinestones or metallic finishes.

Hoodies are a new phenomenon in the world of rock. Almost all rock bands and fans use them. Striped hoodies are very popular among emos and punk rockers. Serious rocker hoodies even come with a myriad of buckles and straps attached to them. There are even hoodies that zip up to the top of the hood, forming a mask on some. Other full-zip hoodies even have plastic eye windows that let you see out.

Band t-shirts are a must have in any rocker’s wardrobe. Band t-shirts don’t have to be black to be rock star cool. The popularity of the band t-shirt is not as important as the impact of the colors, graphics and words on it. Some groups of teens actually prefer to wear vintage t-shirts of classic rock bands, while others stick with only new t-shirts.

Emo rockers tend to wear skinny, dark, or black jeans. Meanwhile, Tripp’s baggy-pants metal rocker can usually be found with metal chains and sips all over the place. Denim jeans with rips, tears, and holes even have their place in teen rock star fashion. However, not all teen rockers go to extremes with their pants, some just wear jeans and add to their look from there.

Shoes complete every outfit! However, to get their specific look, smart teens don’t mix music genres. For example, most emo lovers would not wear baggy, everyday children’s fashions with their emo clothing. It just wouldn’t give the same impression. Chunky canvas and high tops tend to go well with most genre styles, including emo, metal, and hard rock. Still, many other types and styles of shoes are totally appropriate, from tall leather boots for the serious goth to pointed heels for the glam rocker look.

Building the ultimate teen rocker wardrobe is easy. Every rocker needs things like a pair of hoodies, some band t-shirts, a cool pair of jeans, and some canvas sneakers. Add your own personality to the outfit with accessories, jewelry, and top it off with an amazing hairstyle. Now rock out!

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