TV on the move

When I was little the biggest thing on TV was the ability to watch 12 channels and occasionally the free HBO preview. With the advent of mobile computers, cell phones, high-speed Internet access, and a new product from Sling Media Inc., we can watch our more than 600 TV channels at home from anywhere in the world. This new device is called the Slingbox, it costs around $ 250.00 and allows TV viewers to stream video from any source: DVD, TIVO, Cable, VHS or Satellite to any computer, laptop, cell phone or PDA using the Slingbox software and a broadband. Connection.

The Slingbox is a 10.6-by-4-inch device that looks more like a large piece of chocolate than a state-of-the-art video streaming adapter. It will connect to almost any VCR that uses coaxial, S-video, or RCA composite video inputs and can work with over 5,000 different cable and satellite set-top boxes. The Slingbox will support three different video devices, however S-Video and composite RCA video must share the same audio input. For example, you can connect your cable satellite box and DVD player so you can watch videos from any source. If you have a digital video recorder (DVR), you can even remotely control it to stop and start recording. The next connection is to your home network. The device requires at least a 256Kbps upload speed, however the faster the better. Most homes do not have an Ethernet connection in the living room next to the television. Slingmedia has the solution. For a hundred dollars you can buy a pair of Slinglink adapters. These adapters turn your home’s electrical wiring into an extension of your network. Plug one into the back of the Slingbox’s RJ-45 connection and then plug it into the wall outlet. Plug the other adapter into a wall outlet next to your broadband router, then plug it into the router and voila, your Slingbox is connected to the internet.

Once the Slingbox is connected to your video source and the Internet, you are ready to set up your desktop PC, laptop, PDA, or smartphone. Only one user can connect and watch the video stream at a time, however, you can download the Slingplayer software for free on as many PCs as you want. SlingPlayer Mobile, the necessary software for PDAs and smartphones, is available for users to download as a beta version. If the SlingBox is purchased before April 26, 2006, users will be able to register it for free, after this date there will be a charge of $ 29.99. Mobile device users can literally watch TV anywhere they have a network connection using their smartphone and high-speed cellular services like WiFi.

How does it work? Let’s review; The SlingBox is connected to your video source (s), the Internet, the Slingplayer software is installed and configured on your computer, now we can start watching TV anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection. The software continuously monitors your remote network connection and optimizes video playback to avoid interruptions. The Slingplayer software has a virtual remote control on your computer that lets you control everything, including turning on a device, changing a channel, and configuring the DVR to record and play back your favorite TV show. If you don’t like what’s on cable TV, the software allows the user to easily switch between the cable box to another device, such as a DVD player. Only one person can control the video source at a time. If people are at home, they will see the same video that you broadcast remotely. Slingbox: watch and control your TV … (nd)

Slingbox’s retail cost is around $ 250.00, with no monthly access fees. Users will have the ability to take home television programming with them when they travel … literally anywhere. Slingmedia has taken full advantage of the growing desire of users to watch television, the advent of broadband Internet connections and the latest technology in laptops. This award-winning new device defiantly changes the way we watch television.

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