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      How to fix "FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping Exe: entry point not found" Errors in Windows 10 (repair)

      Fortnite is one of the most popular games today, with an estimated 12+ million monthly active players. While its “free” price is obviously a major draw, one of the other aspects was its versatility across many different platforms. If you are running the game on PS4, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you can play it with millions of people around the […]

      The 10 best beaches in Mexico

      1) Xpu-ha Beach in Tulum: With a beautiful bay and talc-white beaches, Xpu-ha is a bit remote and perfect for a romantic stroll or a quiet swim. Just a few miles south of Cancun, this beach has a few beach bars, a few all-inclusive resorts, and a couple of dive shops. It is not at the ends of the earth, […]

      Why does my Blue Heeler lick me all the time?

      Question: I just moved into my aunt’s house where she has this blue heel. He loves to come constantly and lick my legs. They told me that maybe it’s the salt we carry. Not only does he do it to me, but to everyone he can lick. Why does he do this? Answer: Dogs are normally oral. They use their […]

      Tips for hiring a tax advisor

      If you intend to hire a tax advisor to help you with your tax returns this year, the IRS offers some tips to consider when selecting one. The right one can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong one or trying your luck with an unfamiliar online software program will not only waste your time […]

      10 reasons to start playing Warhammer 40k now

      Here are ten reasons why I think everyone should play Warhammer 40k (WH 40k): (1) Giant user base. The Warhammer 40k board game has been around for decades and the user base is constantly growing. While most other games have been overshadowed by the video game market, the Warhammer 40k board game continues to grow. You will never run out […]

      Christmas Quiz

      1. What fact about the Christmas tree is NOT true? A. Artificial Christmas trees have outsold real Christmas trees every year since 1991. B. Nova Scotia is a world leader in the export of Christmas trees. C. Franklin Pierce was the first president to decorate an official White House Christmas tree. D. The Christmas tree was chosen to represent this […]